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The Lucky Hotel

Posted by Nancy on March 29, 2008

We are staying at the Lucky 2 Hotel on Hang Hom Street.


Yes, that is the width of the hotel. 

Inside on the ground floor is the front desk, reception area, elevator, and restaurant.  There are five floors; we are staying on the third floor, and there are four rooms on this floor.  I am assuming each floor is the same.  Our room faces the street and we have french doors opening onto a tiny balcony, like the one you can see at the top of the photo. 

It is a very nice hotel and the service is great.  Every evening they bring us two bananas and some other small treat.  Tonight it was fresh pineapple, and it was delicious.  There are many street vendors selling fresh pineapple and bananas, and, while this particular woman is not selling fruit, they look like the following photo taken in front of the hotel.


You see many, many women carrying goods for sale or just transorting things.  Always women, never men.  The stick to which the baskets are attached is flat, and one woman put hers on my shoulder today so I could see what it felt like.  Not good.  Even briefly it felt heavy and uncomfortable.

Notice the width of the sidewalk, the tree growing in it, and that the women are walking in the street.

We saw a funeral procession today.  I thought it was a parade and suggested we watch, then Matt realized what it was.  It began with half a dozen or so people carrying banners, then a bus with the deceased’s picture in the window and a large ornate wreath on the front, then half a dozen or so people on scooters followed by people walking, then two more buses decorated with  wreaths, then we couldn’t see if that was the end or not.  We didn’t stay to watch as it somehow seemed impolite.

Everyone in the procession was wearing white headbands, except for those on the scooters who were wearing  helmets.  They must be required, as you never see anyone without one.  They even make fashion statements with them, with some women wearing helmets with pleated fabric attached at the bottom making a colorful brim.


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