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Odd Reminders and Strange Events

Posted by Nancy on April 23, 2008

I find myself wishing I could see Hanoi again, feel the bustle of the city, smell the overpowering fumes from so many scooters, watch the crazy traffic, see the poverty in the countryside, experience the friendliness of the people, and absorb the reality of that country.

Everytime I open my blog I see the Blankie Buddies at the top, and I think of Vietnam.  I need to change the picture, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet.  The Blankie Buddies are gone, left with the agency to distribute to the babies, so it’s time for the picture to go too.  Maybe in another few days.  The happy grin on the monkey gets me every time, embroidered there by a young man from church (tell him thanks, Teresa).  I left that one with a little baby who had no name yet.

I had lunch with some friends from church yesterday, and they wanted to see pictures from my trip.  I found myself showing them more than they were probably interested in, but it is still so fascinating to me.  I wonder how long it takes for that to go away?

And to think I spent the first year of my marriage worried about my husband’s safety, while he served in the Air Force in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, during the war.  I could never have imagined my going there, or, for heaven’s sake, the people there welcoming Americans.  What odd turns of events happen in our lives.

I need to change gears.  There is so much going on that I need to focus on, here and now. 

I am at Doug’s babysitting Z~, and have to drive home tomorrow for a meeting with the architect for the new fire station.  At the price of gas these days I hate to make an extra trip back and forth, but the kids and the architect are both too important to miss.  Besides, I figure only six more weeks of babysitting before Doug flies out to Utah and gets married, then my three year opportunity to spend time with the grandkids will be over.  I will still visit, but it won’t be the same.  It is a kind of bittersweet thought.

There is nothing bittersweet about getting my life back though. 

I will undoubtedly take some of that time to visit Elaine and her kids in suburban Radiator Springs, since I will be missing those grandkids.


4 Responses to “Odd Reminders and Strange Events”

  1. Jennifer Murphy said

    We arrived home from Vietnam 18 months ago with our Annie, and although I could not wait to get back to the comforts of home, I find I miss Vietnam more than I ever imagined. We plan on going back when Annie is ten years old, however I would love to go back with another FTIA family and walk the adoption walk now that I know what to expect. We got to see Thuey one extra time when she visited Indiana last summer, but I miss her very much as well-I had a dream this week that she was my new hairdresser!

  2. Jill said

    It’s only natural to reminisce on your trip to Vietnam – I still do the same with Taiwan. May I ask how difficult it was to make those Blankie Buddies? I’m not much of a seamstress…but it’d be fun to be working on something to give away in the Ukraine. :o)

  3. Nancy said

    The Blankies were not difficult, but some took more time than others. Embroidering the faces and sewing on the seam bindings probably took the most time. Depending on which animal I was doing, they took one to two hours each.

    I still have lots of fleece I will donate if you want to make Blankies. I will give you patterns and help get you started – let me know.

  4. The pursuit of pleasure Is the most pleasant pleasure….

    The most evident token and apparent sign of true wisdom is a constant and unconstrained rejoicing….

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