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Monday Musings

Posted by Nancy on May 5, 2008

I am feeling better by the hour and have come to the conclusion that I will live to see another day.  After three days of fever and aches it is nice to at least have that gone.  Now to recover from the cough and congestion – I hear that takes a lot longer.

W~ and C~ came over and knocked on my door earlier.  I opened it just a crack to tell them I am still sick and they can’t come in, but before I said anything W~ announced they had come to tell me they aren’t allowed to visit me because I’m sick.  They then scampered back home.  Cute.

After days of watching political coverage on the news networks I am amazed at what is going on.  It appears:

  1. Most of the media support Obama with a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge”
  2. Hillary seems to be running now as more conservative than McCain
  3. No one questions whether any of the 90% of blacks supporting Obama are showing racism, but the question of racism among whites gets brought up regularly
  4. Jeremiah Wright is a scary, crazy person; Oprah had the sense to leave his church 20 years ago, and now she is invisible in the Obama campaign
  5. McCain has at least four different people who are going to be his Vice President
  6. An amazingly high number of people have drunk the Kool-Aid for their candidate and won’t change their minds no matter what.
  7. Obama is a great speaker when he has a TelePrompter, but is awful when he speaks impromptu
  8. Hillary is totally in control when speaking impromptu
  9. McCain doesn’t get much coverage no matter what he does; maybe he’s not doing much?
  10. I’ll be glad when the whole thing is over – I’m not too happy with any of them

The weather is gorgeous today.  I walked out to get the paper and the mail, the first I have been out of the house since Thursday.  It was so beautiful I decided I had to go around and pick flowers to bring inside – lilacs, irises, and tulips.  Too bad I can’t smell anything; at least they look nice.

I am thankful I have a husband who vacuums, does dishes and laundry.  After my doing nothing for days our house still looks normal.  Thanks for everything.



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