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Love Is In The Air

Posted by Nancy on May 8, 2008

Wow, it’s time to take inventory.  Life is creeping up barrelling down on me too fast!

Doug gets married five weeks from Saturday – FIVE WEEKS! – and I haven’t even begun to get ready. 

Well, I did do one important thing two days ago, and that was ponder on when my temple recommend* expires.  I was pretty sure it was later this year, but better safe than sorry, right?  Yipes!  This month!  I need to make some appointments to get a new one – FAST!

I have also been checking plane tickets to Las Vegas, since the wedding will be in St. George and the reception in Hurricane.  Bud and I just need to make a final decision on whether we want to spend a little extra time being tourists while we’re there – catch a show in Vegas, tour some national parks, go up to Salt Lake to visit Drew and Kelli, etc.  I think we are coming down on a pretty conservative agenda, maybe go out on Wednesday and back on Sunday. 

And no, we aren’t being hard-hearted by not going up to visit Drew.  That will be his last week of class before finals, then he is moving back here.  He says he doesn’t need help packing because they never unpacked most of their stuff when they came back from the six month stint with Microsoft in December, plus we will see them for the wedding festivities.

Since the reception is out there and I am mother-of-the-groom, my responsibilities are minimal.  Just contact the bride’s parents and arrange a rehearsal dinner…  What the heck?  How can I have not remembered this nicety until now? 

  1. Maybe because I have previously either been mother-of-the-bride or already known my kids’ in-laws-to-be before such momentous occasions occurred? 
  2. Maybe because I am getting senile in my old age? 
  3. Maybe because I am just socially inept?
  4. Maybe because there is no such thing as a rehearsal dinner for a temple wedding, because there is no rehearsal?
  5. Maybe because I have just had too much going on in my life for too long?
  6. Or, the ever popular, all of the above?

Hmmm.  Probably #6, but I’m not admitting it. 

Anyway, last night I got the requisite phone number and tonight I will make the first overture.

Once everyone’s back there will be a reception July 19.  I will make the cake for that one, and there will be help from friends in Doug’s ward.  Lolly and I need to get together on what else is wanted and needed.

Meanwhile, looks like I will have to make myself go shopping (mother-of-the-groom always requires a new dress) and I am busy with the kids.

*Mormon temples are not used for normal worship services, but for conducting sacred ordinances such as weddings.  To enter a temple one must show they are a member in good standing, and that is done through interviews which grant a temple recommend. 


One Response to “Love Is In The Air”

  1. marlajayne said

    Your post grabbed my attention right away because I just walked your path a couple of months ago. My son Paul got married in the Columbia, SC temple, and I also had a lot of rushing around to do at the last minute. Fortunately, I knew the bride’s parents from my years of living in Myrtle Beach, so that made things a little easier…less stressful anyway.

    And yes, I agree that the rehearsal dinner is not quite that, is it? Still, it was fun and gave the families a chance to have fun, fellowship, and a feast together.

    Enjoy your big day.

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