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She Sings Like a Meadowlark

Posted by Nancy on May 9, 2008

Our church had a music recital this evening, open to anyone who wanted to showcase their talent.  I haven’t been involved in one of these in a long time – probably since the one years ago where I was the accompanist for darned near everyone who performed anything. 

After my hiatus I accompanied for this one.  That’s because Katie sang in this one.

Katie has a high soprano voice, and we used to play the piano and sing all the time when she lived at home.  None of the other kids enjoyed it like she did, although we occasionally could get some of them involved.  Especially Drew.  I miss those days.

Katie started voice lessons three weeks ago, and her teacher suggested she sing “The Curse” from the movie Rigoletto for the recital.  (Not to be confused with the opera “Rigoletto,” it is entirely different.)  She asked me to accompany her.

With the crud I have had this past week we didn’t get much practicing in, but we got enough.  She did a great job and gained confidence, the song sounded beautiful, and she nailed the high A flat.

Congratulations on a job well done, Katie.


2 Responses to “She Sings Like a Meadowlark”

  1. Mixed Nuts said

    Thanks, Mom!

  2. Jill said

    Yes, she sang wonderfully. Welcome back to accompanying – I hope you will do it again! ;o)

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