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A Heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by Nancy on May 11, 2008

Go to pray, my daughter, and before all else, pray to God for your Mother; for her who gave you your being, in which the loveliest half of her existence has survived; who sheltered in her womb your young soul, a piece of celestial flame; and dividing life into two parts, she took the bitterness and gave you the honey.                                                                 

                                                                                                     Gabriela Mistral



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I miss you.

It was five years yesterday, and the more time passes the more I long for one more opportunity to talk with you.  I’m glad for all the time we did have, and am comforted to know that one day we will meet again.


There’ something strangely false in our

Assured, complete goodby,

For love’s the blood in the flesh of the soul

And the soul will never die.


So – friendly, fondly as I may

In God’s approving view,

I’ll call across eternity

For messages of you.

                                                                                           Carol Lynn Pearson                 


On this day, set aside to honor mothers, I give thanks not only for my mother but also for women in general.  It is they who provide homes for their chidlren, who create civilization, who put flesh to the bones of history.  I look through my genealogy and see many strong women; I look closer and see grandmothers who sacrificed for their families.  

May we never lose sight of the concept of sacrifice.  May we never lose sight of  the benefit of our work on the next generation, instead of measuring everything in the now and the personal.   

May every child have a mother who cares.



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