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The Civil War, the Renaissaince, Business Models, Etc.

Posted by Nancy on May 15, 2008

Just when I think it’s safe to allow my brain to atrophy, grandchildren have large assignments and research papers due.  What am I to do?

Homework.  I have been helping with homework.  Lots and lots of homework.

The panel entitled Hell from Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights triptych.

For several weeks I have been shepherding S~ through research papers for two of her classes.  Last week we almost finished an alphabetic listing of Civil War-related words, replete with picking out the 26 topics, finding information on each, and finding at least one illustration or picture for each. Computer-whiz Dad, whose job is designing and programming things, did the layout.  One page per topic was the requirement, plus an index.  A twenty-seven page paper.  They finished it on Monday.

At the same time she has been working on a five page research paper for English class, and the topic she chose was how the Renaissance artists influenced the development of art.  A much too broad topic, methinks, but that is what she wanted to do and the teacher approved it.  The final draft is due tomorrow.

She has gone through the process: research, note cards, outline, rough draft.  She has turned them in at the proper times.  It has not always been easy getting her there, though, since what she thinks is acceptable and what her dad and I are willing to accept are two different things.  I was an English major.  My expectations are high.  I passed that along to my offspring, who are in the process of passing it to another generation.  She has not been a willing vessel.

I worked with S~ again last night and refreshed my brain on da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, and Bosch (above).  She had the paper mostly written, but had no direct quotes (at least two are required) and no footnotes.  The most frustrating part was her reluctance to believe that it really mattered, even though she had a paper from the teacher showing just how much such things count for – a significant portion of the grade.

She is working on the paper in class today and we will finish it tonight.  Then all that will be left is the science project where she and a partner have to construct a vehicle to transport a ball at least 20 feet under its own power.  That is sitting on the kitchen cupboard, well along thanks to someone else’s parent.  Two more weeks before that one is due.

Doug helped I~ finish his sales project on developing your own business model last night, while I took a break from artistic endeavors and made No_Bake_Chocolate_Cookies.  That is his chosen business – selling cookies – and he needed some wares to sell at the big project finale today.  So off he went this morning with 20 snack bags with two cookies each, to try and sell them for $2 per bag in play money.  His backup price is $1, which is the minimum anyone is allowed to charge for anything.  Hope he does well.  This has been a good project to teach kids about how business works, determing costs and overhead, setting prices, etc.

I think I will vegetate most of the day.  Except for the part where Z~ and I will go shopping to look for a dress for Doug’s wedding.  And I will finish the laundry.  And fix supper.  Oh, and help S~ with the paper this evening.  And drive home later in the evening so I can go to work tomorrow morning and plant petunias in front of the township office before Elaine comes down to visit for the day. 

I am really looking forward to spending some time together.


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