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An Olio of Oddities

Posted by Nancy on May 18, 2008

* Blogging would be so much easier if I had children at home to give me ideas, like Elaine’s blog today about the five legged elephant.  She and Katie crack me up with some of the things they write about.  Doug was keeping me entertained too, then he met Lolly and got too busy to blog.  Maybe once they’re married he will find time to blog every now and then? 

*  I had my first appointment for a temple recommend renewal today, and have the second part scheduled for Thursday.  It will be good to have that done before the last minute for the wedding.

* Anita took flowers from my yard for the altar at church today.  Why is it when I pick flowers and bring them in they just look like something stuck in a vase, but when she takes the same flowers it looks like someone bought them for a florist?  Guess I need to practice – either that or continue to enjoy them in their informal beauty.

* American_thinker has become my favorite website, and I found this and this there today.  When I started blogging I told myself i would stay out of politics, but with the presidential election coming up and all I’m finding that pretty hard to do.  I am still managing to stay out of local politics though, except an occasional mention of having to go to a meeting.  Like this Wednesday, when I will have to drive back from Doug’s with Z~ so I can attend a meeting with the architect about the new fire station.

*  I’ve noticed that pork prices are really down right now, so I’m stocking up.  I have read several articles saying the reason prices are down is because grain prices are so high and pork producers are thinning their herds (is that the right word? – herds of pigs?) instead of paying to feed them.  Prices are expected to climb rapidly – a word to the wise.

*  This has been the coolest spring we have had in a long time (blame it on global warming, which reminds me of another website, one that actually looks at the science and laughs out loud at Al Gore and the whole crazy idea).  This spring has been very wet, too, and we had so much rain last night my garden is a mud pit.  Good for the plants and seeds I put out yesterday, bad for getting the rest out tomorrow.

*  Tomorrow I am supposed to go with the township administrator to buy plants and put them in the ground in front of the township office building and along the stone walls into the plat.  We may have to put that off till later in the week; but it is supposed to rain then too.  We’ll have to see how the ground is tomorrow.


One Response to “An Olio of Oddities”

  1. Jill said

    I’m not a believer in global warming, myself. It’s hard to believe something like that without any real proof. ;o)

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