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On the Road, Again

Posted by Nancy on May 21, 2008

Z~ and I were coming home this afternoon so I could attend the meeting with the architect, when lo and behold! I get a call from his secretary, asking if I got the email cancelling the meeting.  Uh, no I didn’t.  See, I can’t check emails in the office on someone else’s account while I’m out of town.

I could have stayed at Doug’s and finished the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, helped the kids with homework,…. Wait!!!  I managed to escape!  Stop complaining!

I was within a few minutes of home when I got the call so I just kept on a-coming.  I drove straight to the township office and Z~ and I spent a couple hours planting petunias.  (Will they never end?)  We got the front of the building done and halfway down the west side, then decided we had had enough.  Tomorrow we will finish it, plus the beds around the flagpole at the park.  I just want to get them done at this point.

We pampered ourselves on the way home with a stop at the new ice cream shop – they have waffle bowls!  I’m liking this place better all the time.

I made chicken tortilla soup for supper while Z~ played next door with her cousins.  It’s sort of like this recipe, only I winged it.  One chicken breast cubed, two cans of spicy diced tomatoes, some onion and garlic, a chicken boullion cube, some water, some corn, and a can of refried beans.  Garnish with tortilla chips.  it was so-o-o good.

Now I have N~ here spending the night – a cousin sleepover.  Kind of fun.



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