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Chapters in a Book

Posted by Nancy on May 22, 2008

I read Elaine’s blog today and couldn’t help reminisching about moves I have made in my life.  She and I are similar in that we both are the kind of people who want to “put down roots” and stay somewhere forever.  Moving does not come easy.  Ditto for making new friends.

Her recent move has created a dramatic change in lifestyle, and I empathize with her.

My biggest move was to Presque Isle, Maine.  Bud was in the military and we were sent to that northern outpost known as Loring AFB.  We were too far away to visit friends and relatives; we lived in base housing  located 25 miles from the base; the winters were unimaginably cold, snowy, and long; and we were there for the better part of five winters.

I had to close the chapter that had been my life and start a new one.  Heck, it felt like starting a new book in a completely different genre.  I did have the advantage of living in a larger community than Elaine has moved to, although the drive to anywhere even approximating civilization was much longer than she now has. 

It was hard at first, but by the time we left Maine I was in tears, not wanting to leave the friends I had made and the life that was there.  It was the end of another chapter.

We talk about the chapters of our lives, with a dramatic event like a move or another life-altering family event generally being the plot twist that turns the page from one story line to another.  The characters change, the story moves in different directions, and the heroine finds herself dealing with new challenges that bring new strength and understanding, and leads inexorably to the denouement.

At least that’s how it is supposed to work.  Life isn’t always that neat.

Bud is nearing retirement, which will bring us to a new chapter.  The timing is his decision, so we can make the change when we decide the time is right.  This year?  Next year?  Who knows. 

Meanwhile, Elaine is coming down today for the long weekend, and bringing a bucket of tadpoles with her to distribute to various families in my ward and her old ward.  Tiny little subplots in the lives of many children, who may excitedly watch the little ‘poles develop legs then lose their tails, till finally they are fully formed frogs; something almost every kid witnessed years ago, but now seems like such a rarity. 

Meanwhile I need to go up to the township and sign some paperwork for the sale of property, and finish planting those ubiquitous petunias.  I know I won’t get them all done today, but that’s okay.  Tomorrow is another page.


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