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Posted by Nancy on May 25, 2008

We celebrated Memorial Day today in my hometown.  I didn’t make it to the parade, though.

There is always a parade from the elementary school to the cemetery, with a ceremony honoring those who have served and sacrificed in our country’s military.  It is a moving tribute, and a slice of small town America. 

My greatest memory of that parade, and it is a cherished memory, is of my Dad attending it with us the year Mom died.  He was weak from new grief and from cancer, but stood at attention and commented that the color guard didn’t turn their corners quite as sharply as he had been taught during his service in World War II.  He had such dignity, especially on that day.  I miss them both.

Today I was just too otherwise-occupied to make it to the parade, though.

Elaine and Matt are down for the weekend with the kids, and Doug came down this afternoon with two of his.  Katie and Sean came over with their kids and we had the traditional family cookout.  It was warm enough to set everything up outside, but not so warm as to be uncomfortable.

Tomorrow Katie and Sean are having E~ blessed in sacrament meeting, and Doug and Matt will stand in the circle with Sean.  What a blessing to have all my children and their spouses worthy to participate in ordinances of the church, and grandchildren growing up in the gospel.  As a convert with a non-member husband, I am grateful that they all have stayed so close to the gospel, and hope that Doug’s marriage to Lolly next month helpt him in keeping his children close as well.

Doug was house-hunting this morning and thinks he has found “the one” for them.  Looks like he is going to put an offer in on it.  One more brick in the foundation of getting life back to normal after his divorce and all the attendant fallout.

One more brick in getting my life back to normal too, although I am beginning to sense that what I used to consider normal and what the new “normal” will be are two entirely different things.  Too many people have made too many changes and things will never be the same.


One Response to “Memories”

  1. Lilola said

    The blessing was so sweet… and it was great to see all the kids there, active and faithful.
    And don’t worry, there will be a parade next year!

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