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Down Days Aren’t Always Bad

Posted by Nancy on May 26, 2008

When’s the last time you had a real “down day?”  I am having one today and am enjoying it thoroughly.

“Down days” aren’t always “depressing days.”  No, sometimes they are days taken off from all the normal worries and obligations of life.  They are days when you just hibernate with a good book and vegetate, or maybe do a little work in the garden.  Nothing strenuous, nothing necessary – just relaxing.

After all the commotion with three extra adults and seven extra kids here this weekend, not to mention Katie’s family in and out, I needed a down day.  Wow, today has been the best one in a long time.

Elaine brought down the Stephenie Myers books and I read Twilight Friday and Saturday evening (does 2:00 a.m. count as evening?).  I started Eclipse last night and finished it this morning.  They are easy reads and once you get into them hard to put down.  Vampires and werewolves aren’t my normal fare, but she tells a good story.  Since she’s an LDS writer the gore is only referred to obliquely; ditto for swearing. except a few mild epithets, and no sex.  How easy is it to find books like that nowdays?  I told Elaine to take the third one back because I didn’t think I would have time to read it before I go to Doug’s tomorrow, where S~ has them, but wish now I had told her to leave it.

So, I am enjoying them, but I have to admit I am not as entranced with these books as Elaine and apparently millions of other women are.  I guess I’ll have to chalk that up to age – the heroine is in high school, after all.  I “get it” with the concept of a perfect love, yet the analytical part of my mind keeps wondering and wandering.   A few holes that I just can’t rectify keep nagging.  Why do I have to over-analyze it instead of just enjoying it?

Oh well, as I said it must be age – way too many years since I was in high school and feeling the pangs of first love.  Didn’t we all think our first love was the perfect one for us, no matter how flawed they were in hindsight? 

Anyway, like I said, good books.  I will read Eclipse at Doug’s on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, E~’s blessing in church yesterday was very sweet, and it was wonderful to have most of my family there.  Bud even went without being asked, which was a surprise.  He doesn’t join, but on some level he believes.

Then I got to talk with Drew and Kelli for about two hours last night.  He has three more weeks till he graduates and moves back to the area, and I will be flying to Utah in two weeks for the wedding and will get to see them then.  Time is flying.

S~ and I spent time yesterday making jewelry for her and Z~ to wear to the wedding.  I bought a good selection of beads to match the bride’s colors and we made bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  I still need to get with H~ and have her design some. 

H~ is having a difficult time with life right now, and I hope once the wedding and move are behind them she settles back down.  She has been struggling the hardest for quite awhile now, trying to keep everything “fair” to the last millisecond as far as time spent with her mom and dad and trying to organize her mom’s life and responsibilities.  She is compartmentalizing her distress over her mom’s lifestyle from her defense of her mom, and is leaving herself out of the equation.  Every now and then the facade slips and she says something insightful and profound, but then she puts it right back up.  My greatest concern is she seems to be considering turning away from the church since all her mother’s family condemns the church for being “judgmental.”  No matter that what they are telling her isn’t true – she can’t afford to acknowledge the truth or it will force her to re-analyze some of her positions, and she can’t do that.  It is unsettling.

The most promising part of the equation is how well she and Lolly got along when Lolly was here.  The kids are spending two weeks in Utah with Lolly and her family in June – the week before the wedding with Doug there too, then the week of the honeymoon.  There will be 15 new aunts/uncles and their spouses and kids, including 50 new cousins. 

More love, more prayers, more guidance.



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