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Posted by Nancy on June 2, 2008



They opened a new counseling center in my little town recently, and there was an open house today.  I received an invitation for the event at my township office and decided to go.

What a surprise was in store! 

One of the therapists took me on a tour, and I was immediately struck by the serene atmosphere upon entering the building.  What made it so serene, besides his calm demeanor, the cool colors, and the nice furnishings you ask? 

It was an overtly religious atmosphere.

The building was replete with a number of crosses and many family-friendly sayings, some very artistically stencilled on the walls and others engraved on plaques.  There were Chinese symbols for joy, peace, and love stencilled on one therapist’s wall.  There were religious pictures on the walls.

Most importantly, there was a palpable feeling of respect for the soul that inhabits the body of a troubled person, with the attending feeling that the whole person will be treated.

Oh, that all therapists had such an outlook on what we need.  Our society needs psychological professionals who see us as children of a loving Heavenly Father, as physical repositories for eternal spirits instead of just bodies with appetites to be trained. 

It is difficult to get through college without being force fed a humanistic point of view, especially in fields such as psychology.  A friend who is religious and a social worker said she had to hide her conservative and religious points of view while working toward her degree in order to be accepted into the program.  She said they do not allow such views in.  I noticed one of the counselors graduated from a Christian college; perhaps they all did.

I wish them well, and am pleased to have them in the community.  My little town seemed a lot bigger this evening because of their presence.


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