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Wicked Weather

Posted by Nancy on June 3, 2008

Today is my last day to drive up to Doug’s to babysit the kids, but a work session that lasted from 5:00 till 9:30 ended with tornado watches and warning posted all over the state. 

Thanks, but I think I’ll wait till morning for my drive.  I prefer being in a building when the weather is like this, as opposed to being in a tin can on wheels.  I was blown across a lane of traffic in a mini-tornado some years back and don’t ever want to experience that fear again.

What freedom, to be able to postpone my trip till morning.  Today was the last day of school for the older kids, and with S~ being almost 15 I figure she can keep everyone in line till I get there. 

Why do you suppose the tornadoes are so severe all across the country this year?  It’s a dirty little secret that no one is talking about much because it doesn’t jibe with the politically correct gospel of “global warming.”  Severe weather is formed when cold air masses collide with warm air masses, and it has stayed unusually chilly late into the spring this year with lots of cold air masses bumping around out there.  When’s the last time you heard of a tornado in Colorado, except for the one last week? 

Yep, that’s our problem – global cooling.  The arctic ice cap has expanded beyond it’s normal range, the polar bear population is at a 30 year high, and practically the whole world had a winter with below normal temperatures.  But, the polar bear was recently declared a threatened species because their numbers are declining – in Canada.  They are declining there because – ta da! – the Canadians have huge polar bear hunts!

Now our esteemed senators are debating a massive cap and trade bill on carbon emissions that will add 57 cents per gallon in gasoline taxes over the next 30 years and has policies in it that will wreak havoc with our economy.  All in the name of “global warming.” 

Check out some weather research here and here for another side to the story.  It’s kind of technical but I find it fascinating.  It is science, not politics promulgated by junk science.

Okay, I’ll get down from my soapbox.

What a work session we had this evening.  It involved: closing on a real estate sale; having our deputies explain repeatedly why they “need” $3,200 Toughbook laptops instead of replacing the Gateways they have in their squad cars; one of the trustees arriving late because he just brought his mother home from the hospital and leaving early because his sister was taking his mother back to the hospital; discussions about tearing down an abandoned house that teenagers have destroyed with sledgehammers over the winter (destroyed, as in the roof and roof trusses gone – torn down and carted away, probably for firewood; the back wall is gone, the front wall has collapsed, the end wall is caving in – all that is left standing is the two story garage end of the house); and ending with a lengthy one-on-one with the fire chief about issues with the department.  Oh, and we also had discussions about adopting a property maintenance code, four new-hires, speeding problems on a local residential street, and nuisance abatement procedures.

I think I should be paid more. 😉

The past few weeks I have had the amazing experience of feeling my mental faculties returning to a more normal orientation as the time comes for me to give up the babysitting.  It is a lightening feeling – I guess putting down a load after so long and taking a deep breath can do that for you.  I am glad I was able to do it; I am glad it is almost done.  I will forever feel closer to the kids for the time spent with them, and there is a tinge of regret about it all coming to a close. 

I will be in Utah next week; the wedding is in 12 days.


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