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Viva Las Vegas

Posted by Nancy on June 6, 2008

We decided we can’t fly into Vegas without spending a night there, to see the lights, so we have rented a car and are looking at hotels. 

Neither of us gambles or cares to spend time in casinos, so we really are comparing rooms and their amenities for the price.  I am amazed at how inexpensive rooms are – well, some of them anyway – and assume they expect to make their money off guests dropping money into the slots on the way in and out. 

Maybe a quarter, just to say I did it, but probably not.  Or do they even make slots that take quarters?

I want to see the fountains outside the Bellagio and the lights on the strip in general, and that is about it.  Maybe check out some of the marriage chapels, to see where someone would go if she wanted to marry her girlfriend – with one of them dressed as a pimp and the other dressed as Elvis.  Just saying.

The photos are displayed in her living room for the world to see, including the children.  Wow, doesn’t that engender pride?

Bud was stationed at Nellis just outside Vegas for over two years before we got married, but of course everything is totally different now.  He got the good assignments before we married, with four years in Berlin and two in Las Vegas.  It was all downhill after that and I never did get to go overseas or anywhere exciting.

The kids and I cleaned off and on the last three days trying to get the laundry caught up, their clothes packed for the trip, their rooms straightened up and the common rooms cleaned, etc. so everything will go smoothly next week.  Doug has them this weekend, then they will spend Sunday evening through Tuesday morning with their mother.  They fly out on the redeye Tuesday night.

It looks like I am being drafted to help paint/babysit at Drew and Kelli’s new house three days after we get back from Vegas.  I don’t mind painting, but Bud is definitely the better painter between the two of us.  Kelli and her mom want to get it done by the 22nd, when Drew should show up with the van and their belongings. 

I will give them Thursday and Friday, but my Saturday is already claimed for the township’s cleanup day. I will spend three hours at the collection site helping direct residents to the appropriate dumpsters so we can help them unload their trash. 

Actually “we” refers mostly to inmates from the county jail, out on work assignments.  The sheriff has always sent men who are respectful and helpful, and they enjoy getting out in the sunshine and doing some physical labor.  It’s sort of a win-win situation where they get the opportunity to work and we get a lot of trash disposed of from around the township.

My life is never boring.



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