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Pit Run and Puppy Prison

Posted by Nancy on June 9, 2008

Almost four hours in a meeting with a representative from the township’s architectural firm this eveing.  Gaaahhh! 

Not only was it long, but it was not good news.  We have been so happy to have a piece of ground that is flat so we don’t have to pay a lot for site preparation, now he comes along and tells us there will be drainage problems and we will have to elevate the fire station about four feet.  And just how many square yards of pit run gravel will that take?

All together now – prohibitively expensive.  I don’t know if this is a stake in the heart of the project or just another problem to be dealt with.

I got a call from my future daughter-in-law near the end of the meeting asking if I would rather have a manicure/pedicure this Friday or a massage.  Hmmm.  Tough decision.  She has been given certificates for two manicures and pedicures and one massage, and is sharing them with her mother and me.  Looks like she will get the massage and her mom and I will get beautiful nails.  Should be fun.

I need to pack early tomorrow in case my meeting runs long again.  I also need to take Doug’s dog to the kennel, or “puppy prison” as we have been calling it.  I’m sure he won’t be happy, but it can’t be helped.  I will take him late in the day and then retrieve him early next Tuesday.


3 Responses to “Pit Run and Puppy Prison”

  1. Matt said

    He is going to be fixed while he is in there or maybe put through some obedience training? Just a thought.

  2. Nancy said

    No, but he is going to have his nails trimmed. Permanent alterations are not my responsibility.

  3. Lilola said

    Pedicure thing is just about my favorite treat in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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