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The Wally-Lolly-Palooza

Posted by Nancy on June 14, 2008

Or as Doug suggested, Wally-Lolly-Doodle all the day.

Yesterday was Uncly Wally’s funeral and today is Doug and Lolly’s wedding. There is never a dull moment here, with innumerable people in and out and all about. When you run out of beds, there is still plenty of space in the yard. In fact, some of Doug’s kids have been sleeping there since we got there – because it’s different and fun.

The video of dune hopping is going to have to wait for later, as Doug hasn’t gotten it done yet and I’m guessing he won’t be caring about it today.

Meanwhile, here is a view from the mesa where the funeral was held with the Zion Mountains and Zion National Park in the background.  The picture on the right is a view of the mountain right behind the family farm.  It is called Molly’s Nipple, and I~ says he thinks that is just wrong to call it that.  The locals don’t know who Molly was, but I bet there aren’t many girls in this town with that name.

I took pictures at the funeral, but somehow it seems inappropriate to post them.  Let’s just say it was definitely another Napoleon Dynamite moment though.  It was held on the mesa on top of the mountain, and the trip up and back was quite the ride.  The road is a series of switchbacks on a one lane road with no guard rail.  It didn’t help that halfway up Lolly told us, “This is where my uncle Elliott was killed when he was 16, when the car he was in rolled off the edge and down the mountain.  He wasn’t driving, but he was thrown from the car and killed.”


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