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Pound Puppy Blues

Posted by Nancy on June 19, 2008

I took Doug’s dog to a local kennel before we went to Utah, figuring Doug would be gone two weeks and there was no sense in leaving Cole in prison any longer than necessary.  I may not be good for much, but at least I can dog sit.

I sprang him from confinement yesterday and figured he would be excited to see me.  He was, sort of. 

This is a dog with boundless energy and limitless enthusiasm who normally prances through life.  He isn’t that way right now.  When I got him he jumped up to say hello, but after that he just sat in the car and panted.  When we got home he went in the house and quietly laid down and didn’t move.  That is pretty much what he has done for two days now.

He stays in whatever room I’m in, but just lies there.  Talk about your mixed blessing – it’s nice to have him so quiet, but it’s sad to see him so passive.  I figure he will return to his former obnoxious playful self soon enough, but meanwhile he isn’t showing much interest in life.

Maybe he’s trying to be good so he won’t be put back in jail.

Meanwhile, I am sliding back into life and work.  I spent all afternoon and most of the evening yesterday at the township office, working on zoning changes, answering phones and emails, talking with the auditors, and participating in a work session.  I enjoy it all and feel privileged to be a part of our democracy, no matter how small a part it is.

Today is painting day at Drew and Kelli’s house.  I have done a MapQuest on it and hope to find it with no trouble.


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