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What’s That Barney Song?

Posted by Nancy on June 20, 2008

Everybody was cleaning up Drew and Kelli’s house today. By the time I got there she and her mother had finished scrubbing all the carpets and we got down to serious work.

Unfortunately Murphy and his Law were in operation today, starting with Doug’s dog pulling a disappearing act while I was loading the car to leave and putting me even further behind schedule than I already was. Nothing like wandering the neighborhood looking for a runaway when you want to be on the road.

That was followed by problems with the paint color for the bathrooms that required a return trip to Sherwin-Williams, a broken paint roller that required another trip, two layers of wallpaper border in the kitchen that didn’t want to let loose and come off etc. Tenacity prevailed though, and one bathroom is done and the kitchen is ready to paint. Unfortunately, we had hoped to paint two and a half baths, the kitchen, living room, and dining room over two days.  We’re a little whole lot behind schedule.

Bob and Sharon came down for a visit in the afternoon, and he helped get the broken glass out of the sidelight by the front door – where the firemen broke in to assist the previous tenant in some emergency. Those tenants left the place a mess for Kelli’s parents but it is coming together pretty well. The cigarette burns in the carpet in the family room will require an area rug, but the smell of smoke is mostly gone and most of the other damage has been repaired.

Drew and Paul are supposed to be leaving Utah late tonight or early tomorrow to drive home. They have a van loaded with “stuff” and are towing their car loaded with more “stuff.” I hope all goes well on their trip.

I am pretty exhausted tonight after climbing up and down the ladder a million times (or so it seemed) to get that #$%! wallpaper border off. Soak, scrape with a putty knife, repeat, scrub with a cloth and an abrasive pad, wash, spackle, then sand. It had better look nice when it is done.  What I would really like to be doing is yard work, since that is my favorite thing to do and there are some overgrown bushes and some bare flower beds that need some plants.  There are still some nurseries with bedding plants for sale, so tomorrow I may have to take a few minutes and at least do the little bed by the front door.

The house is very nice – four bedrooms, two and a half baths, LR, DR, K, FR, full basement, and two car garage. It is on a busy street, but has a nice yard with a very large screened in back porch – ideal for K~. 

Speaking of K~, nothing humbles you as much as babysitting a 19 month old who is trying to communicate with you via sign language when you don’t know any.  Kelli is studying sign language and is teaching it to the baby. So, out of necessity I am now learning a little too. I know milk, juice, apple, peach, food, more, grandma, pizza, walk, and maybe a few more. She knows more though, and gets frustrated when I don’t know what she is trying to say. To heck with that smarter than a fifth grader stuff – I’m being beaten by a baby.

I am staying at Doug’s tonight and helping again tomorrow, then going home in the evening to get ready for the township cleanup day on Saturday. Nine to one, outside, helping people get rid of their junk. I hope I make it.


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