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The Grapes of Wrath Meets The Beverly Hillbillies

Posted by Nancy on June 22, 2008

Drew made it home last night, driving his 22-year-old van , towing his car with almost 200,000 miles on it, and looking like some refugee from a Depression-era book. His father-in-law helped with the drive, and they did it straight through.  Yikes!

 Drew bought the van specifically for the trip, since he and Kelli don’t have much furniture and they wanted to move themselves.  The van was inexpensive to buy but expensive to operate (go figure, at the age of the van and the current cost of gas), but he figures he can resell it and recoup at least part of the cost.  Either that or be the most popular person in the elders quorum when people are moving in the ward.

[For those who believe accountants try to pinch every penny, I would like to introduce you to Exhibit A, my son.  He may have just gotten his degree, but he has shown an aptitude for keeping his money for many years.  He is accompanied by his equally thrifty wife, who has already hit garage sales near their new home and found a beautiful brocade overstuffed chair, two lovely end tables, a gilt framed mirror, a floor lamp, two throw rugs, and a child’s chair – all for less than $40.  Amazing.]

The van came with a cargo wall that could be installed behind the front seats.  With that in place they were able to pack it – and I do mean PACK it – to the ceiling.  The cargo wall looks like it had a door in the center that has been welded shut, like maybe at one time it was for a paddy wagon, or some other use that would require separating the driver from the passengers in back. 

Of course, its previous ownership could give some hints to why someone might want to do that:

Just kidding.

Anyway, they had the car packed, the van packed, and things strapped to the top – several layers deep.  The van carried a leather love seat, a bed, a crib, a platform rocker, various and sundry boxes of kitchenware, books, clothes, household items, sporting goods, and, of course, his climbing wall. 

As in a practice wall for rock climbing. 

As in – WHAT?  With limited space you brought WHAT?

As Kelli explained to her mother, you can replace your end tables (which she sold there and has already replaced here, with ones nicer than she had before) but how often do you find a used rock climbing wall you can afford? 

That was the one thing they decided they couldn’t leave behind, since Drew loves rock climbing and, well, what can I say?  There are no mountains in this area.  Not even many hills, which you would just walk up and down anyway instead of climbing with gear.  He wants to stay in practice for the times he does go on an excursion and find a place to do what he loves.  There are places like that within reasonable drive time, even in the flat midwest.

Besides, he will be every kid’s favorite uncle with that thing set up in his basement.   

All he needs now are gym mats for the floor, to keep the kids from killing themselves.


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