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Another Day, Another Dollar

Posted by Nancy on June 23, 2008

Township trustee pay may only be a pittance, but I take the job seriously and have a reputation for being the hardest working trustee among the 30 in our county – that’s three each in ten townships.  Just ask one of the county commissioners, the one who tells everyone how hard I work.  I used to think he was just blowing smoke, but eventually came to realize he is dead serious.

I really earned my pay today. 

Every month that has five Mondays we have a joint meeting between the local school board, the township officials, and the manager and city council of the small city located within the township.  It involves a dinner, and this month was our turn to host.  Read that as I fixed dinner for 25 people politicians.

Wait, you say.  This is only the fourth Monday of the month – next week would be the fifth one.  You would be right, but the county township association holds a quarterly meeting on whatever day happens to be the fifth anything of the appropriate month, and it also fell on Monday this quarter.  So, we bumped the other meeting back a week.  See?  Next week is the county township dinner, where I will go merely as a guest.

Anyway, since it’s summer and we assumed it would be hot we planned a salad buffet.  It turned out to be a nice day, but due to the failure of global warming it was only in the 70s and we could have fixed anything.  Whether out of dedictaion or ennui, I didn’t bother making alterations but forged ahead with the original plan.

I spent the morning shopping, the afternoon preparing, and the evening at the meeting then helping clean up.  Thank heaven for the township administrator who helped set up and clean up the place, aided on clean up by the other elected officials.  By then I was pretty worthless.

We had chicken salad, ham salad, potato salad, frog eye salad*, green salad, fruit salad, and a veggie tray.  Very healthful.  I ruined it with potato chips and blueberry buckle** though, but who cares.

Tomorrow we are eating leftovers at lunchtime at the township office for anyone who wants to drop by, which includes the state auditors currently going over our books, the county commissioner who dropped by this evening and stayed to talk for an hour after the meeting, and the congressional chief of staff he will be ushering around tomorrow.  “You need to get on the good side of him and stay there,” the commissioner said. 

Unfortunately, after I drop the leftovers by the township tomorrow I won’t be staying for lunch and meeting the congressional chief of staff.  It is my monthly lunch with some friends from church, and that takes precedence over politicians.  There are usually three or four of us, sometimes more, and we get together just to enjoy one another’s company and catch up on what is going on in life.  A little relaxation therapy. 

Everyone needs a few good friends, and they are some of mine.

*No actual frogs are harmed in the making of frog-eye salad, a favorite in my family.  It is made with acini-di-pepi pasta, fruit, cool whip, and a few other things.

**Blueberry buckle probably ranks #1 on my family’s list of favorite recipes, and I often make it for Sunday dinner when everyone is coming over.  It is cake-like with lots of blueberries and a streusel topping.  I tell myself it is a health food because of the anti-oxidant properties of blueberries, so don’t go bursting my bubble.

Recipes are available on request.  They’re probably also available with a Google search.


2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Dollar”

  1. Jill said

    I really like frog-eyed salad. It’s so tasty! When I read about the blueberry buckle, I would imagine it’s called that because you’d have to loosen your belt buckle after your third serving of such a tasty treat! ;o)

  2. I came across this site from Google and found this entry quite yummy!

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