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For The Cuddly Polar Bears

Posted by Nancy on June 26, 2008

For those who are worried about the cute, cuddly polar bears adrift on melting ice floes in the Arctic due to global warming*, read this:

     Surprise: Explosive volcanic eruption under the Arctic ice found    

25 06 2008

…What is unique about this situation is that it was a large eruption that went completely undetected, and under pressures that they thought not possible. The big question is then; where did the heat from the volcano go, and what effect did it have on the sea ice environment? Research has been going on looking at volcanism in the ridge but this discovery of a significant eruption in 1999 is new and unexpected.

Hmmm.  What do you suppose the chances are that the pyroclastic flow and heat from the volcanoes has at least some responsibility for any melting that might be going on in those environs? Especially since the atmosphere hasn’t warmed any in the past ten years.

Just a thought; keep driving that SUV.

Take that, Al Gore.

*Those pictures of a polar bear stranded on an ice floe are bogus – they were taken of a bear swimming out to a floe near land, then back again.  The swimming part was edited out.  Here is a movie about a polar bear that is just as authentic.


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