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How Big Was That Baby?*

Posted by Nancy on June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Drew. Can it really be 25 years since you were born, so big you filled the hospital bassinet at birth? Seems like just yesterday.

Now you’re married with a baby of your own, starting your first real job as an accountant. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Here’s to your future, with wishes that your life is as full and rewarding as mine has been (so far – I’m not giving up yet).

* The answer is, ten pounds, eleven ounces. He remembers. I definitely remember.

With no segue, on to today’s litany of events.

I spent this afternoon working on Tim’s computer at the township office. It has been running like a dog and he took the day off, so figured I could waste some time defragging it, running virus scans, wiping out temporary internet files, etc. Those are the things you do to make yourself think you are accomplishing something, when in reality none of it helps.

A stop by my favorite ice cream shop lifted my mood.  I was on the way to check on four complaints of businesses being run out of residences with the outsides looking trashy, and the ice cream siren song was just too loud to ignore.  Black cherry in a waffle cone.

When I got back to the office I checked how much RAM that problem computer has, and, well, 512M just won’t cut it anymore. Probably should have checked that in the first place.  It’s not that old, and it worked fine when we first got it, but downloads and updates must have put a little too much into its memory banks.   Bud came up and helped me crack it open to find out what it needs; I’ll upgrade it Monday.

Matt called to ask about berries he found on trees along the creek while taking a nature walk with the kids. Hmmm.  Do I dare make a decision without seeing them?  Am I endangering my grandchildren’s lives if I make the wrong call?

I diagnosed them to be mulberries and told him they were edible, so they all tried them. Gee, I hope I was right (just kidding).  The black berries he found on thorny bushes nearby must be black raspberries, based on the fact there are ripe black raspberries in my back yard and blackberries come in later in the season.

Even A~, who doesn’t like fruit, was trying the berries, which is a good thing.

It just doesn’t get any better than black raspberries.  I hope she appreciated them.  Mulberries, well, there’s a reason why you hear about the monkey and the weasel and not so much about mulberry pies.  Although, try out this website which proves me a liar: 

I ended the day striking out the second time trying to fill yesterday’s prescription from the doctor.  She decided my four years of gastric pain has been caused by h. pylori bacteria, but instead of writing prescriptions for the separate antibiotics used to treat it she wrote for some package deal.  This is not looking promising. 

You know h. pylori, the one that causes ulcers.  The generic antibiotics required to treat it are just amoxicillin and clarithromycin, and you take them with Prevacid in this case.  The individual antibiotics are dirt cheap, but my guess is the package deal won’t be.

Here’s to modern medicine, which cures you but doesn’t make it easy.


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