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What’s Up With The Media?

Posted by Nancy on June 29, 2008

Barack Obama is beginning to get a little negative press.  What’s up with that?

The local newspaper, a Democrat Daily through and through, even ran an article mentioning his incessant flip-flopping and seeming lack of core principles.  Lack of experience has been parleyed about for awhile now, although usually with a discliamer either excusing him for it or heaping scorn on anyone who would notice.  Heck, there have even been a couple of editorial cartoons making jibes at him.

He gives us nothing but words like “hope” and “change,” words that mean nothing on their own, and without details on what he means by them.  Until you go to his website, where some of the hard, hard left ideas begin to surface.

I’ve seen a couple Main Stream Media references to the name Tony Rezko, and even one on Obama’s dealings with Rezko to get grants for subsidized housing.  It wasn’t flattering.  It even mentioned old-time Chicago politics.  They’re finally beginning to touch on things that have been known for a long time through public record requests, but it is such a tentative dipping of the toe into the muddy waters.

Will the MSM really do this to the anointed one?  So far they have let others do the investigative journalism, then ignored what came up.  The MSM has been deep in the tank for him and too protective of their candidate.  So, how come now there are cracks appearing in their wall of silence?  Tiny cracks, for sure, but there are a few.

Are they trying to make a smoke screen of deniability for their partisanship; are all the stories from Obama’s past reaching critical mass; or are they actually starting to develop a conscience?

Just asking, you know.  If I were a betting person, my money would go on choice #1.

I found these articles about Obama informative; have you heard any of it from the MSM?  I don’t know how accurate they are, but they appear to be well researched.  If you read them, start at the top and work down so you understand the terminology and inner workings between the players. 

They are long, but deciding who to vote for to be the next president deserves some time and consideration. 



2 Responses to “What’s Up With The Media?”

  1. antireptilian said

    You dont trust mainstream media do you? Try alternative media, you will get more ttruth therer.

  2. My money says that any negative press Obama gets between now and the election is just a matter of the MSM half-heartedly attempting to appear “fair.”

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