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What A Difference A Vowel Makes

Posted by Nancy on June 30, 2008

Eliza in My Fair Lady struggled to get her pronunciation perfect.  There are others out there who need to do the same, and one of them called me recently.

Either that or my voice mail didn’t pick him up very well.  It sounded pretty clear though, so I’m going with my original interpretation.

“Hello, this is — from the Park Commission, and I was wondering if I could have a chance to speak at the next county township association meeting.”

I haven’t been secretary of the association for two years now, but that’s okay.  I don’t mind taking calls and referring them on to the appropriate person, which is what I did.  I called the current secretary and left her a message; she called the president and left him a message.

Is this beginning to sound a little like the old “Telephone” game we all played as kids, only with answering machines added?

The president called the guy back and set up the time to speak, which was at tonight’s quarterly dinner.  We were treated to a half hour presentation on modern methods of raising hogs, given by a public affairs representative from the state’s PORK Commission. 

He came complete with movie interviews with farmers, showing the inside of the buildings where the piglets are born and the buildings where they are “finished.”  That means raised to market size, not slaughtered, although the specter was always there.  He talked about the feed, the cost, disposing of the manure, etc.

We had just eaten a dinner of barbecued pork, and he was talking about the “dung slots” in the floor of the buildings.

Some of the trustees are farmers and really enjoyed the program. 

I got a nice little cookbooklet out of the deal. 


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