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Pig-Van Earns His Keep

Posted by Nancy on July 2, 2008

What to do with a cargo van at the current gas prices is a quandary.  Keep it and go broke feeding it, or sell it in a market where no one wants a gas hog.

Pig-Van has been dependable during its short duration with Drew.  It even earned about $500 in parts to fix some of its problems – like bad king pins that caused steering irregularities (a nice way of saying it wandered all over the road if you weren’t careful) and a leak in the gas line that apparently sprayed gas onto the carburetor all the way across the country during a recent move.

While Drew dithers about whether to keep the beast, Doug is moving into his new house.  Yesterday the van showed its value and earned a little more time at Drew’s house.

I took S~ home from her trip to Florida with Katie and Sean.  While there I spent a couple hours with Lolly, Drew and Kelli, packing boxes full of things to move; after I left they kept packing and crammed that van full and drove it to the new house.  They got a lot moved.

Today Drew is bringing the van here to pick up some furniture we aren’t using – a waterbed, a dresser, a library table, etc.  It may even all fit in one load.  Again, the trusty old van will earn its keep.

I can’t get the following clips to embec, so I’m posting the links. The first one is for Kelli, who is half owner of Pig-Van and is studying sign language.


This one is for Doug, because it so perfectly fits his sense of humor. (And may you have better luck moving into your new home.)


Drew is looking more kindly at his van now, which was purchased for not a lot of money.  He’s having trouble getting over his accountant’s view of the bottom line, but a few more days like this and he might actually start showing it some respect.

Maybe he will even give it a nicer nickname.


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