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Some Things Never Change

Posted by Nancy on July 3, 2008

Once a foraging herbivore, always a foraging herbivore.

Drew came yesterday to pick up furniture with Pig-Van.  I was at the office when he arrived, but came home soon after and fixed supper for us (shrimp jambalaya – yum!).  I had a special treat for him, too.

When Drew lived at home he loved my vegetable garden.  Don’t get me wrong – he didn’t like to work in it or anything like that.  He just loved to eat out of it.  Him, and God, and nature, and vegetables.  No washing, no refrigerator, just straight from the garden.  He was there often and would just graze through it.

This is the kid who, as a baby just learning to talk, would plead with me in grocery stores to PLEASE buy him turnips, broccoli, beans, peas – you get the idea.  Women used to stare in awe and ask me how I did that.  The secret answer?  I didn’t; he came like that.

I had picked some fresh sugar snap peas earlier and put them in a plastic bag so he could eat them raw with supper.  Sort of a throwback to earlier days, don’t you know, and the only thing ready for harvesting this early in the season since my lettuce and spinach seeds all washed away.  I was surprised when he greeted them with a shy grin instead of open appreciation.

“Um, when I got here I went to the garden and ate all the peas before I even opened the door,” he said. 

“Not the little ones, just the ripe ones,” he added defensively

I should have known. 


2 Responses to “Some Things Never Change”

  1. Jill said

    Anna likes eating out of the garden as well, especially the broccoli and the green onions. Since I didn’t grow up with a garden, it’s beginning a whole new tradition of having fresh fruits/veggies for my family. Anna loves it and I’m glad that her childhood will have a garden and hopefully bring about a love for vegetables. (so far, so good!)

  2. LilolaDenvers said

    We never got a single sugar snap pea in the house when they were in the garden. We got out of the car, headed straight for the peas, ate everyone that was big enough on the way in. And it was only about 30 feet to the back door – our hands were empty before we got there! LOL
    Now, the spaghetti squash all got stolen, go figure!

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