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The Survey Says…

Posted by Nancy on July 6, 2008

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, a short story by Mark Twain, had nothing on the Radiator Springs bullfrogs today.  Sean figured out how to catch them this evening and the kids had frog races to see which would get back to the pond first.

They are big, and they are fast.  The kids were screaming encouragement, and I think it was “Trevor” that won.  They had named the frogs, of course. 

The frog races were one of the last activities of our very busy, very satisfying day.

We started at 5:30 a.m. to get to the LDS church near Radiator Springs by 10:00 for the baby’s blessing.  Our extended family increased the attendance there by about 50%, and they were happy to have a pianist for Relief Society and more children for their Primary.  They are a strong branch with good members, but 23 additional people makes an impact on a small congregation.

Elaine is in the Primary presidency, so had to deal with the fallout from our being there.  That included W~ walking in, taking one look at her, and saying, “Why do you have to be here?”   From the mouths of babes…  Wonder if he had some mischief planned, or if he was just curious, or maybe felt sorry for her?

After church some of us went berry picking over by the creek and found two cherry trees with sweet yellow cherries, two varieties of mulberries, and several large thickets of black raspberries.  We ate as we picked and still managed to fill two containers with fruit.   While we were foraging others cooked dinner on the grill and got out the side dishes that had been brought; I made a blueberry buckle for dessert and we all ate till we were stuffed.

The cousins enjoyed playing together and had fun jumping on the trampoline, playing pool (as in, on a pool table), swimming in the pond, running foot races around the pond, riding bikes in the driveway, and “helping” Uncle Sean catch frogs.  Sean is excellent with little kids and had some of them croaking at the top of their lungs on the premise that it was attracting the frogs to them.  Too cute.

Most of the adults and some of the kids played games of Bananagrams and Apples to Apples, while a few lucky people managed to get naps.  Katie and Elaine captured highlights of the day on their cameras, and we all had plenty of time to just sit and relax together and talk. 

Such are the rewards that come after many years of raising children.  If you’re lucky they turn out to be people you enjoy spending time with; if you’re very lucky you may even become friends.

The weather was perfect, the whole family was together for the first time since Christams (well, all except H~ who is out of town), and it was a Norman Rockwell sort of day.  We all agreed we should do it again soon and set a date for the first weekend in August.  By the time Bud and I go home it was 11:00  p.m.

Now for the survey, and I really would appreciate thoughtful responses.  Especially from those who are familiar with the LDS faith, but not from anyone who was there today.

Which, if any, of the above activities break the Sabbath, and why?

5 Responses to “The Survey Says…”

  1. Mixed Nuts said

    Or, maybe, W~ said that because Aunt Elaine has a fondness for telling my children things like if they break any rules she’ll turn green and spit fire out her nose or change into a werewolf. Just sayin’.

    Unfair question to ask of those who weren’t there. You left out several “activities” that were much less inviting of the spirit.

  2. Cindy said

    When I was a kid I bought an ice cream from the ice cream truck on Sunday. My parents came home and saw me eating it. When questioned about it I told them “I forgot it was Sunday”. My mom then gave me the best lesson about what is appropriate for the sabbath. She said, “If you are doing something on Sunday that makes you forget it is Sunday, then you are probably doing something you shouldn’t.” That has stuck with me all these years and I think it is a good gauge.

  3. LilolaDenvers said

    Technically I would say that picking the berries (work). But it would not have stopped me. Family is the most important thing for which you have responsiblity and the reunion/party atmosphere at home is never a problem in my opinion. And Ronald Darling congratulates you on having a family that loves to be together!

  4. Sherry Lawson said

    I think the important thing about the Sabbath is setting it apart from the other days of the week as a day to really remember Heavenly Father and His Son. The children’s “My Gospel Standard” states: I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.” So I could see most of the activities that happened at your eventful family day as falling into that category if you just make a tiny bit of effort to relate it to the gospel… “Do you think Heavenly Father knew we’d have such a good recipe for (say) blueberry pie? Maybe that’s why He gave us blueberries.” And “Which one of these frogs do you think the Lord made the fastest?”

    However, swimming has always been such a recreational, fun type of thing to me that I’ve always felt it to be a “seeking my own” type of activity rather than trying to please the Lord. So I would have to say no swimming…

    Yet it ultimately boils down to what’s in your gut – that your own conscience will tell you what is right for you/your family and what isn’t. (I would feel like a sinner if the tv or certain movies were viewed on the Sabbath yet others feel perfectly fine watching Disney shows.)

    That’s probably way more information than you were asking for! But tha’s my two-cents’ worth.

  5. […] swimming pool (those of you who read my mom’s blog now know where I stood on her survey). We had fun together. We all bonded. We spent time being close. Close enough, in fact, to notice […]

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