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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Vultures

Posted by Nancy on July 10, 2008


                                                        h. pylori

The prescription is for medicine to wipe out h. pylori, the bacteria that causes gastritis and ulcers.  It is for two common antibiotics and Prevacid, a common proton pump inhibitor that reduces gastric acid production.  Together they kill these bugs that live in the stomach and attack its lining. 

The prescription is for them packaged together under the name PrevPak.  “This way it is easier to take all the medicines in the right amount at the right time,” the doctor said.   “This way it is easier for the pharmaceutical company to soak the consumer for an antibiotics that are out of patent and can be purchased dirt cheap by themselves,” I thought.

I have taken the prescription to four different places and no one has it in stock.  I finally asked how much it is going to cost if/when I finally find someone who has it and was told they wouldn’t know unless they rang it through the system.  I waited while the clerk rang it through the system, although I didn’t have her order it.

Shock!  My CO-PAY will be $30!

The two antibiotics in this formulary are so common that one of our local mega-stores has them on their list of medications they will dispense for FREE to anyone with a prescription.  But they can’t fill it that way because it wasn’t written that way, and the doctor declined to write it that way when asked to.  (What’s that all about?)

So, do I go without?  I’m not really having symptoms right now, but have in the past.  Maybe they won’t come back?  Then again, I had about three years of sometimes agonizing pain that was only relieved when I was given antibiotics for bronchitis last year.  But those weren’t a long enough regimen to kill off h. pylori permanently.

I guess I will keep looking for somewhere to get it filled – after I get back from Amish country.


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