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Maybe Obama Really Is A Citizen Of The World

Posted by Nancy on July 26, 2008


I jut want to know if he is a citizen of the U.S.

 Obama is back from his his world victory tour now and the media coverage has been almost embarrassing.  I find it painful to watch members of the media making such fools of themselves while pumping up the pride of a man whose ego doesn’t need any encouragement.

I am reminded of Proverbs 16:18, which reads:  

 aPride goeth before destruction, and an bhaughty spirit before a fall.

While taking a break and wandering the web this afternoon I found the following article by Glenn_Beck, on CNN’s website.  He is probably the only one there who has a conservative point of view and I don’t expect him to be able to to change the way they fawn over Obama, but I wish someone could.  I wish they would report the news dispassionately, intelligently, giving equal time to both sides, without raised eyebrows and winks to let us in on their inside jokes – in short, I wish they would act professionally.

I also found yet another article about Obama’s purportedly forged_birth_certificate, this time on an Israeli site and this time saying they are 100% certain it is a fake.  The question of his eligibility to hold the office has been floating around for months now, but the media don’t seem to care enough to find the answer.

If you were running for President and someone (or a lot of someones) said you didn’t qualify to hold the office because you weren’t a natural born citizen, how long would it take you to whip out your birth certificate and prove them wrong?

It has been months and he hasn’t done it.  Why???  Good grief, just produce a paper copy of it and put it all to rest!  Or give the reporters access to your records at the state and let them do the legwork themselves.  They could use the practice doing some investigative journalism.

If I were a big shot reporter and rumors were flying that the leading Democratic contender for President wasn’t eligible to hold the office because he didn’t meet the basic requirements of the Constitution, I would want to find the truth and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

No one has done that.  Not only that, they don’t seem even to ask questions about it.  Hmm.  It would look fishy, if only someone in the media would pursue it so the public at large was aware of it.  You know, maybe public pressure might cause someone to produce that birth certificate.

There seems to be a definite correlation between the above two articles – the media are in love with the candidate, and the media aren’t asking any potentially difficult questions.

Finally, the following site is a must-read and is back on the pride issue.  I just love good satire.   Barackadoodledoo!

Enough of politics.  There is more to life.


One Response to “Maybe Obama Really Is A Citizen Of The World”

  1. Lilola said

    I don’t worry about the birth certificate rumors and the muslim rumors or even where he went to church for 20 years, nearly as much as I worry about the form of government he espouses. I don’t want 0-5 daycare or universal health care or a tax to eliminate world poverty payable to the united nations! Arrggghhhhh!!!!!!

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