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Concerned About The Intellectual Climate

Posted by Nancy on July 28, 2008

I installed Instant messenger on my computer this weekend and am officially in touch with the world now – or at least with the few people I am connected to.

I know, I know – probably the next to the last person in the universe to do so.  I can hear all the laughing out there.  You have to remember though, I am not young and it hasn’t been high on my priority list.

So, this morning I IM’d a little with Doug, and this evening with Matt.  It is an easy way to keep in touch, but somehow impersonal.  You don’t see the person, you don’t hear their tone of voice, you don’t even have to give it your full attention.  Multi-tasking, and at my age. Still, it’s more contact than just an email.

I read about Twitter recently…..  Nah, that’s too much. That one seems to border on narcissism.

It was another nice day here today, with weather so mild we left the house open and didn’t turn on the air. According to this chart from it is below average across most of the country.

Close to 90 tomorrow though; definitely air conditioning weather.

Here’s my latest video clip on global warming, taken from a website called  It advocates teaching both sides in the classroom; I like their motto:

“We’re more concerned about the intellectual clilmate.”

Al Gore has caused more environmental damage with his lifestyle and economic damage with his theories than any one man should be allowed to.  What a weenie.


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