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Change I Can’t Believe In

Posted by Nancy on August 8, 2008

It seems Barack Obama does not think the U.S. is a good model for the world.  I wonder how he thinks it needs to be changed, or if any other country is a good model.  If so, which one?

From what I have been reading and seeing, it looks like Obama thinks the Constitution gives us the right to pursue our own happiness, but an obligation to help the less fortunate.  That’s socialism, pure and simple.

Actually, I prefer the words of Jesus (emphasis added):

  7 For ye have the apoor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always

I would like to think that most people have a giving heart and will help the less fortunate.  More importantly, I do not believe the government belongs in the business of commanding that of everyone. 

Jesus’ use of the word “may” shows us our free agency while he teaches us to care for one another.

Listen to Obama again. 

What on earth does he mean by “our civic religion as a people”?

And here I thought we had separation of church of state.


One Response to “Change I Can’t Believe In”

  1. atomcat said

    If you want to know what Obama has in mind for the USA – read the Green Agenda.
    Religion, energy, population control etc.

    Obama has plans for America. Find out what “it’s time for change” means.

    The Green Agenda can be read on my blog or you can google it.

    Enjoy the read and the day.

    Life is about to get very interesting.

    Is America ready?

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