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God Help Us All – Updated

Posted by Nancy on August 14, 2008

Ohio is becoming the Zimbabwe of this year’s election.  Read this to find out why.

I emailed my congressman to ask if it is true and already have gotten a reply.  It is true.  It did not go through the legislature for a vote – it is an edict from one woman.  Can ONE WOMAN really change the voting laws for an entire state?

This is not democracy in action, it is corrupt community organizing, Chicago style, in action.

Update:  Jennifer Brunner, secretary of state, was able to issue this directive due to a loophole in the law.  The law states that boards of elections do not send a verification card to people who vote absentee within six days of the election, reasoning that there isnot be enough time for the card to get there and be returned by election day if it is a bogus address.  The law does not close voter registration for absentee ballots until the election, so only those six days are in play.  T

This law has been in place for two years, but Ms. Brunner just now pointed it out and demanded it be enforced as is.  Meanwhile, the legislature, which is majority Republican, is attempting to close the loophole.  They are threatening legal action if she goes forward with her plan, and Democratic leaders in the state are making mature statements such as, “The Republicans are trying to confuse the voters,” and “Next they will be looking for Bigfoot.”


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