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The Candidate Of Change – And Folding Cash

Posted by Nancy on August 20, 2008

Your reaction to this link will likely depend on whether you lean Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal progressive.

BTW, where did that “progressive” label come from?  Especially since the current Progressive candidate seems to be advocating a retread of Carter’s policies?

Back on topic, which is this interesting little article.  It is about “street money” that will be passed out to local precincts in Philadelphia on election day.

When he came to Pennsylvania, Obama ignored pleas to fund street operations in Philadelphia. He did spend record sums on TV advertising, but still lost the state to Hillary Clinton by nine percentage points. Some insiders said that he should have worked harder at driving out his base in Philadelphia, even if it meant handing out some Election Day cash.

“The apparatus was not energized,” said Al Spivey, chief of staff to Councilman Curtis Jones and an expert in Philadelphia elections. “They can’t just do this campaign with ads.”


The path to winning elections in Philly includes street money, cash doled out to ward leaders who use the money to pay party committee people to work their voting divisions on Election Day, and sometimes for other expenses like meals or transportation or to hire extra workers.


“In the fall I think there is going to be an expectation of City Committee that just like in the Kerry campaign and just like in the Gore campaign there will be money moving into City Committee for election-day activity,” said political consultant Ken Smuckler.

Ahem, “progressive.”  As in, this is progress?  I guess I am a naive idealist, but I would like to think our elections are decided by people who have studied the issues and understand the responsibility that comes with the privilege of voting, not those who are hustled in by those with campaign cash in their pockets.

Can someone explain to me how spending money for meals, transportation, and to pay your “volunteers” is different from buying votes?  I guess if it was good enough for Gore and Kerry we need to keep the progress rolling.

Then I came across this_one:

Secret web pages and hard-sale tactics have replaced Hope and Change for the Democratic convention. The CBS affiliate in Denver discovered a hidden website that sold tickets to the Invesco Field acceptance speech by Barack Obama on August 29th, while Team Obama continued to deny that tickets were anything but free. Democratic activists complained to the reporters about Obama’s sell-out. Oddly enough, when CBS started asking questions, the site suddenly stopped offering tickets. What a coincidence!

Well, that certainly puts a different complextion on why Obama moved his acceptance speech to a larger venue. 

More seating = more tickets = more $$$$$$

And another idealistic dream gets dashed in the pricey stands of Invesco (is there irony in the name?) Field.

I really have no intention of turning my blog into a political screed, but some things are just too good not to share.  Meanwhile, I need to spend less time surfing the net for political commentary.

In other news, we almost closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning today.  We will tomorrow, as it is supposed to finally get up into the high 80’s – yea for summer!  Finally!  Bring on that global warming!

I can’t remember ever spending the first two weeks of August with the windows open all day to enjoy the mild weather, and blankets on at night because the temperatures dipped so low.  Well, at least not since we got central air years ago.  But that has been our weather this year; I’m not complaining, but I do wonder what winter will bring.

With another issue of the historical society’s newsletter written and published this evening I am ready for tomorrow’s meeting.  I had an interesting interview today with a local vet who is preparing to travel to Washington D.C. to view the WW II Memorial, and made him the lead story. 

We are losing that generation who fought for freedom and wonder if such a defense of liberty could ever be possible again.


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