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I Tried To Watch It All The Way Through

Posted by Nancy on August 28, 2008

I turned on the Democratic convention this evening to catch Obama’s acceptance speech.

Hmmmm.  I thought this man was supposed to be a great orator.  He seemed like an angry man reading a laundry list of complaints.

After watching for awhile I understood why he is always shown with his head sideways, like he’s looking off into the distance.  He is.  He’s looking at the teleprompters stationed on either side of him, with only an occasional head-on glance.  At that, he seemed to skip a line and shift topics in mid-thought at one point.

I think I made it about halfway through, then went into the kitchen to make cookies.  I could take only so much of this angry man berating our country and promising to fix it by spending more of our money.  He says he’s going to raise the money by increasing taxes on businesses, but guess who ends up paying for that tax increase?  You got it – we do.  The businesses just pass the added expense along to the consumers. 

A friend sent me this video last week, and I did some research on it.  You can find the documentation online, as in scanned documents of roll call votes, showing that the accusations made here are, in fact, true.

Obama claims he voted against the legislation because it wasn’t needed, that there was already legislation in place to prevent allowing babies born alive to die without care.  If that is true, what would it have hurt to vote for it?  You know, sort of just reinforcing the concept.

I am not a single issue voter, yet this hits close to home for me.  Three of my grandchildren are adopted, all of them sons of single mothers who carried their babies to term and chose to put them up for adoption. 

How did our society get to the place where it is more socially acceptable to abort a baby than to put it up for adoption?

How many other women would be adoptive mothers, if there were babies available to nurture?


3 Responses to “I Tried To Watch It All The Way Through”

  1. Elaine said

    I intentionaly avoided the convention. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

  2. Jennifer said

    We managed to watch the whole speech, although we had to pause it a few times in order to stare at the screen with our mouths hanging open, yelling “WHAT?!”

    Apparently, Obama is going to save us all from every inconvenience and trial we may ever face singlehandedly. I expected by the end of his list of things he is going to do for us that he would announce that he would personally come to each of our homes to wipe our noses for us if we should ever have a cold.

    All we have to do is give him the power and the glory (and all our money), and we will all be saved…

    And I’m right there with ya on the adoption/abortion issue. I was adopted by my parents as a baby. If my birth mother had been so persuaded to use her power of “choice”, I wouldn’t be here today.

  3. Nancy said

    My favorite line was when he said we all need to be able to say “I am my brother’s keeper.”

    Uhmm, he must not have been thinking of George Obama, his half-brother who lives in a hut in Kenya on about a dollar a month. Barack has met him twice, and has not given him any money to date. Or so George has told reporters.

    Seems like an audacious statement to make under those circumstances.

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