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The Battle Is Joined

Posted by Nancy on August 30, 2008

You just knew it would get ugly fast, but who would have suspected surreal within one day?

It is beyond bizarre that Obama supporters are claiming Sarah Palin’s baby is not her own.  Huh? 

Fatherhood can be questioned, but motherhood?  Isn’t that pretty easy to establish, as in people saw you pregnant and a doctor delivered a baby?  Still, it’s all over the internet that the baby is really her daughter’s and she is hiding that fact.  The original post starting the rumor has been taken down, but not until it had gone viral.

The PUMA* websites are a beehive of activity, and I spent some time on this_one today.  (Warning:  don’t read this if you are easily offended by raw language.)  The PUMAs are going beyond “no ‘Bama, no way, no November” as revenge for Hillary.  Now there is talk of starting a New Democratic Party to take back their party and get rid of the “young thugs” who have taken up residence.  Oh, and they also want to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, and all the other incompetents.  These are some angry, highly motivated people.  A lot of them say they are voting Republican this November for the first time in their life. 

I admire their motto – democracy before party loyalty.  Maybe both sides can get together and end this partisan bickering, and put democracy first again.  That’s my kind of hope.

When Hillary Clinton lost the primary, the Democratic leadership said her supporters should come together in unity for the good of the party.  Their response was “Party Unity My A**,” and they started a cyber revolution.  It grew and grew.  Now they are embracing Sarah Palin and do not want to see the media and the DNC do to her what they did to Hillary.

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Enough of politics; there is more to life.

I spent yesterday evening with Lolly and the kids, then stayed the night there.  It was nice to spend more than a few hours with the kids again, since It usually takes them a long time to open up and say the things that are really on their minds.  S~ got to that point about 12:30 a.m. and we talked for about an hour.  It was good grandmother/granddaughter time.  She is thinking deeply and looking ahead.  She starts seminary this week, which will be a life altering experience for her.

Bud and I went to the local 18th century fair today (what? – you don’t have a 1790’s era fair in your town?).  We checked out the woodland Indians encampment, the merchants and food vendors, the entertainment, etc.  Bud even got to cast his ballot for the presidential election, and voted for Thomas Jefferson.  I think I would have voted for John Adams, but of course women couldn’t vote back then so I wasn’t given a ballot.

Darn.  Back to politics again.


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