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I Tried To Stay Awake – Part II

Posted by Nancy on September 3, 2008

Good citizens get nvolved in the election process, watch the conventions, and pay attention so they can vote fully informed.  Right?

I’m not so sure that is true about the 75,000 “voters” ACORN signed up in Cuyahoga County, Ohio recently.  The board of elections there is looking at all of them with a suspicious eye, because:

  1. They found multiple cases of many people living at the same addresses, with those addresses being vacant lots, a restaurant, empty houses, etc.
  2. They found multiple cases of people being registered many times using different addresses
  3. There are already more registered voters in Cuyahoga County than there are adults over 18, according to census records.  (Same with Philadelphia, and probably other cities.)

So let’s all go out and vote, early and often it appears.  At least if you’re a Democrat.* 

Maybe our voting places need to do what they do in third world countries – dip your finger in ink when you vote so you can’t go somewhere else and vote again.

But I digress.  I did try to watch part of last night’s Republican convention, but after an afternoon of canning salsa (thanks for the recipe,Louis!), I barely made it through the first speaker.  Maybe I will do better tonight.

This morning’s papers are blaring front page news of “more problems” with McCain’s VP pick.  I am waiting for them to blare news of their in-depth coverage of Obama’s close working relationship with unrepentant bomber “he’s just a guy who lives in my neighborhood” Bill Ayres.  Now that the University of Chicago library has finally allowed public access to documentation on it, it seems the Annenberg Challenge was run by those two for something like six years.  Together they distributed over $100 million in grants to Chicago schools, with no visibile results.

Maybe we will read about how Michelle Obama was given a 160% raise after her husband was elected, and the million dollar grant he then directed to her employer, the University of Chicago Medical Center.  And what was her job?  Some kind of outreach coordinator, where she coordinated (created?) policies to send uninsured people to other hospitals to save UCMC money.  Wow – what a heart of gold! 

Maybe tomorrow’s stories will investigate Larry Sinclair, a limo driver in the Washington area who claimed he smoked cocaine and had gay sex with Obama in 1999.  After he went public with his allegations he found himself picked up in D.C. on an arrest warrant out of Delaware.  Sort of vague charges.  Issued by the attorney general who is, um, Joe Biden’s son. 

Maybe tomorrow’s paper will have Obama’s claim that he has more executvie experience than Sarah Palin because he has spent almost two years – get ready for this – running his campaign for president.  Yes, he actually said that.  Running for president qualifies him to be president!  Says he is spending over $10 million a month and has over a thousand employees, so that gives him executive experience.  Of course, that would be the same two years he claims as experience for being in the senate – guess they count twice.

I’m not holding my breath.  We will continue to get a litany about Palin’s husband’s 22 year old DUI ticket, her 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy, and quotes from the daughter’s boyfriend’s Facebook page (He calls himself a redneck!  He doesn’t want to have children!).  At least the daughter’s pregnancy stopped the rumors that the Palin’s youngest son is actually their daughter’s.

The newspapers and TV aren’t doing their job, and our country will suffer the consequences.

I need to stop paying attention to all this stuff, but it’s like watching a train wreck – you can’t stand to look but can’t turn away.

Guess I’ll go help the historical society set up their garage sale.  You know, real life.

*Nothing in this column is meant as an indictment of Democratic voters, as I have many friends who vote a straight D- ticket.  Once per election. 


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