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D*mned With Faint Praise

Posted by Nancy on September 4, 2008

Maybe it woud be more accurate if I said the article has no praise.

Sarah Palin raised the rafters at the GOP convention last night, but you wouldn’t know it from the front page article (Associated Press, of course) in my local newspaper.

The writers obviously watched the speech, or at least had a copy of the text, since they include four brief quotes from it.  One is so brief it is only two words, and another is that she will accept the nomination for vice president. 

The sub-headline is that the crowd greets her with a roar of approval as the first GOP female VP candidate.  Nothing about subsequent roars of approval, her presentation, the speech’s effectiveness, how it was accepted, etc.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zip.    One sentence says she took crowd-leasing swipes at Obama and the “Washington elite.”  (That’s the two word quote.)

It was a home run and they don’t mention it.

The story did bring up questions about her qualifications and lack of experience though, and mentioned her daughter’s pregnancy and her “18-year-old boyfriend and apparent fiance.”  Nice cynical touch.

Right below this article that damns her with faint praise?  An article about Obama visiting a small town.

Palin article, including questions about qualifications and comment about her daughter’s pregnancy and “apparent fiance,” = 9 column inches.

Obama article, including three quote from his speech and one from an adoring fan – 11 1/2 column inches.

Unfortunately, this is a mild case of media bias.  Some post-speech commentary on TV last night was absolutely rabid. 

On a positive note, I got on a PUMA website later last night and read through comments left on their real-time blog as the speech was given, and those people absolutely love her.  They were even cheering Rudy Giuliani, who they apparently all loathe, because he was hitting Obama so hard.

And John McCain cameout at the end wearing an orange tie, whichis the PUMA’s color.  The noticed it and appreciated it, realizing it was a gesture reaching out to them.

I need to get a life.  I’m leaving to help with the historical society garage sale.  I’ll be there most of the day, and it is supposed to be sweltering hot.  If you live around here come on down to Main St. and find us and buy a thing or two.

Oh, and if you missed her speech, go watch it.  RIGHT NOW  It was amazing.  See if you can find Ruy’s speech too.  He was on a roll.


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