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Obama’s War Room Advisors

Posted by Nancy on September 19, 2008


This is just too funny.  A little rough language in the subtitles.


But if he wins, what can we expect? 

Youth indoctrination camps  Utterly depraved.

Beyond abortion to infanticide  No, no, this one is utterly depraved.

Obamanopoly  OH MY GOSH!!!.  Print this one out for help when trying to explain the current financial mess to friends.


Locally, there are still tens of thousands in the area without electricity.  One resident came into the township office and told me the electric company TURNED OFF the power on his street yesterday so they could work on other lines in the area.  Then they left without working on anything.  And they haven’t come back.  And they have no idea when they will be back (I called them today and that is what they told me).  With all the people getting upset over how long this is taking, they are turning off power.  Unbelievable.


2 Responses to “Obama’s War Room Advisors”

  1. Lilola said

    The indoctrination camps…. has no one ever read 1984?????????????

  2. Nancy said

    Yes, I’ve read 1984, with its interactive screens on the walls and mind-numbing indoctrination. Still, to see half our country blindly follow a candidate who is actually proposing youth camps is stunning.

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