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Some Things I’d Like The Media To Address

Posted by Nancy on September 26, 2008

With gale force winds and driving rain in the area yesterday we spent most of the day in, going out only to catch a movie.  It was easily the most execrable movie of my entire life, reinforcing my aversion to almost anything Hollywood puts out.  That will teach me to ask what we’re going to see ahead of time.

And no, I’m not going to mention the name of the movie.  I don’t want to give it any publicity, even bad publicity.

Still, even on vacation I can’t disconnect from politics.  With the economy teetering on the brink and election day nearing quickly, it becomes clearer every day how important this election cycle is.  I am appalled at how virulently partisan network news and some entertainment shows (Letterman!) have become, and how few facts they dissseminate.  It is an obscene perversion of journalistic integrity. 

Is it asking too much to see some in depth reporting on the housing crisis, which would show where the blame for this mess lies?  (Hint: not with the Bush administration)  It is our financial future we are talking about, so why aren’t the news shows digging deep and talking about the truth as we go into an election?  (Oh, I forgot – they might have to say bad things about some Democrats.) 

Name names of those who got large campaign donations from Fannie and Freddie (Hint: Obama is near the top), as well as others who received political or financial favors to fight reining in this mess over the years.  This election isn’t just about the next president; we are also deciding whether we want to keep the Congress that brought us to this awful place.  Put the blame where it belongs.

I would also like to see some mention on the news of the Berg lawsuit against Obama, which is trying to make him produce a genuine birth certificate to prove he is eligible for the presidency.  There very well may be nothing amiss there, but if so why is Obama spending money on attorneys fighting it in court instead of just producing it and getting it over with?  Such a simple solution, yet…  Why aren’t the media asking why he doesn’t produce it?

So, I surf the internet in my down time, and find gems like some of these below.

Clinton era rule change led to current financial crisis  No one can explain it like Investor’s Business Daily can, but there is more information worth reading here.  Meanwhile, Clinton goes on television and acts like the wise senior politician who had nothing to do with getting us into this mess and can guide us out of it.

Understanding slavery  What an interesting article about America’s slave history and Islam.  Fascinating information I never knew, and that is not “politically correct” to mention.

Other people’s money  Good insight into where Obama got some of his political money, and who got paid what (in grants, not his own money) in return.

The housing crisis villain  Obama can find one of the guilty parties in the mirror.

Biden shows his ignorance  Hee-hee.  Can you imagine the outcry on the news shows if Sarah Palin had said this?  In an interview with Katie Couric, Joe Biden said: “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence, to demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re (sic) talking about …. stock market crash, Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about, you know, the princes of greed, he said, “Look, here’s what happened…” 

Really?  I see two big problems here:

  • The stock market crashed in 1929; Roosevelt became president in 1932.
  • I’ll bet people in 1929 would have been fascinated with television.  Unfortunately, it hadn’t been invented.  In fact, it still wasn’t in use when Roosevelt died in 1945; Roosevelt  never went on television to talk about anything.  He was famous for his “fireside chats” on the radio.

8 million Clinton supporters reject Obama  This is a PUMA website (you know, those Hillary supporters who are saying “Party Unity My A**).  I read a regular news account of the poll elsewhere, but it is interesting to see the reactions from these women.  Obama is finding out that sometimes there are consequences to your actions.

In real life, there is more rain in the forecast for today.  So, other than some (inside) flea market shopping it may be another indoor day.  It’s good we went to the gardens and the beach early in the week, as those are highlights of a visit.  I got souvenir shopping out of my system in Vietnam in April, so shopping this time is mainly wandering and enjoying being out with good company.

It is so relaxing here; going out when we feel like it, taking time to read, talking and catching up, just taking life easy.  Scherrol is such a tremendous cook and Dave is a great host.  I’m going to hate to see this week end.


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