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Presidential Debate + Pundits = So Much Spin I’m Dizzy

Posted by Nancy on September 27, 2008

We watched the first presidential debate last night, then turned off the TV. We wanted to let it sink in without hearing someone else tell us what we saw.

We decided no one landed a knockout blow, but McCain came across as very knowledgeable and Obama came across as someone who can memorize very well. They both did well, but the decision definitely has to go to McCain.  He obviously knew what he was talking about and remained calm throughout, while Obama seemed to be in over his head and grew increasingly  peevish as the time wore on.  His eyebrows sank lower and lower, he scowled, he interrupted McCain repeatedly, etc.

Obama avoided direct answers to some questions, and repeatedly said he would adapt his presidency to the current financial crisis by – ta da! – still planning to spend boatloads of our money on his pet new projects.  And that bit about “I have a bracelet too” when John McCain spoke about wearing a bracelet to honor a soldier killed in Iraq, given to him by the soldier’s mother.  McCain spoke poignantly about the mother not wanting her son’s death to have been in vain.  Then Obama read his bracelet.

So today I have seen a few opinions of who won last night. 

Did the “journalists” in the main stream media watch the same debate we did last night?  I know they support Obama, but aren’t they still supposed to report the facts?  I realize that partisanship informs everyone’s determination of how well each candidate did, but…

Some of them are REALLY stretching to declare him the winner.  CNN’s online story carries this headline:

Round 1 in Debates Goes to Obama, Poll Says

Okay, tell me more about your poll, I say.  The next to last paragraph of this long story (you know, so far down almost no one reads it) does just that, and here is their amazing statement: 

The results may be favoring Obama simply because more Democrats than Republicans tuned in to the debate. Of the debate-watchers questioned in this poll, 41 percent of the respondents identified themselves as Democrats, 27 percent as Republicans and 30 percent as independents. 
The text of the story also contains this equally amazing comment:

“It can be reasonably concluded, especially after accounting for the slight Democratic bias in the survey, that we witnessed a tie in Mississippi tonight,” CNN Senior Political Researcher Alan Silverleib said. “But given the direction of the campaign over the last couple of weeks, a tie translates to a win for Obama.”

Wait, wait!  I’m having trouble processing here!!!!

Let me see if I have this straight.  Their senior political researcher says the debate was a tie; then he says a tie translates to a win for Obama; then they admit their poll is weighted toward Democrat voters; then they put a headline over it saying Obama won according to that same biased poll. 

Oh, and I would say 41-27% is not a “slight Democratic bias” as they do, but a significant bias.  And I also wonder who their “undecided” voters were.

In my humble opinion, several times during the debate Obama had that deer in the headlights look – such as when McCain spoke in depth on Ukraine and Georgia.  Obama looked like he was afraid someone would ask him what JM had just talked about, but covered the moment by saying “I agree with what John McCain just said.”

As a matter of fact he agreed with McCain many times.

Yes, McCain clearly was the winner.  Too bad the networks don’t run that debate over and over so those who missed it have the opportunity to see it.  We all need to judge for ourselves. 

If we listen to the “journalists” we will get dizzy from all the spinning.


4 Responses to “Presidential Debate + Pundits = So Much Spin I’m Dizzy”

  1. dumbsheep said

    I could not agree with you more. Obama was downright “peeved” and kept holding up his hand in a gesture of “my turn” yet he had nothing of substance to say. Does the media or those saying that Obama scored better than McCain have eyes or ears? We are in deep trouble and will be in even deeper trouble if Obama wins the election.

  2. richard said

    Obama won. If McCain cant look Obaba in the face how is he going to look world leaders in the face. McCain needs to go away, and take Palin and Rosemary’s babies with him.

  3. Nancy said

    Gosh, isn’t it cute when Obama supporters show their ignorance and immaturity. They can’t make an intelligent point so they resort to schoolyard taunts.

    And these people vote!

  4. FoodyMom said

    They are just so predictable aren’t they? Democrats and their supporters? I love the Rosemary’s babies comment. Very sophisticated. A brilliant post, Nancy. You saw exactly what I saw. McCain clearly won if you judge it on how much a candidate knows about the world (reality), and who is ready to be President on day one. Obama was pure fluff. He looked good, I’ll give him that. But there were so many points in the debate where he looked amateurish (the bracelet, Kissinger, no preconditions, etc.) that I just have to give it to McCain.

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