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The Great Crash of 2008

Posted by Nancy on September 29, 2008

The stock market plunged almost 280 points today on word that Congress failed to pass a bailout plan for troubled financial markets.

While we personally lost money in retirement accounts, I still say  “Good for the House Republicans” on this one.  Finally, – finally! – someone stood up and said enough.  If there has to be a bailout package, let the Democrats pass it themselves and take the blame.  Maybe the Fates will shine upon us and they will also get “credit” for their part in causing the financial meltdown.

It did my heart good to see pictures on television of people picketing, carrying signs, and in general demanding that government listen to them and not pass this bill.  The proposed legislation is obnoxious and deserves to die an ignominious death.

I do not claim to understand all that is going on, but I do understand that you do not reward greed and incompetence by bailing it out.  Let it die a natural death, and deregulate the markets and let them recover on their own. 

Over regulation is what caused the mess in the first place, requiring banks to give loans to people who were not credit worthy and making it a FEDERAL CRIME to refuse them.  Good grief!!!  Dare I say this was tantamount to economic affirmative action?  They even forced banks to consider unemployment compensation and welfare payments as income to qualify for purchasing a house.

And we wonder why so many houses are in foreclosure with people not able to pay their mortgages?

And what has happened to the traditional roles of Democrats and Republicans?  It used to be that Republicans were the party of big business and Democrats were for the less privileged, but now the Wall Street fat cats are supporting Obama and other Democrats with hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.  Incestuous payoff schemes that hurt us all. 

I still don’t understand how people can vote for someone who has no past, or at least no friends to vouch for him and no paper trail for years of his life.  Isn’t that suspicious?  At least a little?  I mean, who “loses” their college transcript, thesis, client lists, records of meetings, and written papers; who has no friends from their youth or career to talk about what a fun guy they were to hang out with or what a royal pain they were?  How can anyone have scrubbed the history of their life so clean that only their wife remains as a person who has known them for a long time? 

How can all of Obama’s connections with unsavory characters through the years be all over the internet, yet the media totally ignores it and acts as if it is not there.  Sort of like putting their fingers in their ears and humming really loudly while saying “I can’t he-e-a-r you!”

And how about that prosecutor in Missouri being indicted on grounds of political intimidation for being part of an Obama “Truth Squad” and threatening to prosecute anyone who makes public statements contrary to Obama’s official policies?  Whoa!!!  What country are we living in? 

Meanwhile in the real world I spent hours today picking up downed limbs in the park, where I found a seat broken off the teeter totter and a slide destroyed by vandalism.  Things like that make you question whether it’s worth the effort to buy nice playground equipment.

Then I saw a little girl playing nearby and knew it was definitely worth it all.


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