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News Flash! Chicken Little Still Okay

Posted by Nancy on September 30, 2008

“The sky will fall if we don’t get a $700 billion bailout bill passed by Monday,” cried Chicken Little.

The miscreants in the Senate were agreeable, but the House defeated it by 12 votes, bless their souls (only the souls of those who voted against it – the others may just possibly not own souls to bless).

The stock market tanked 780 points and the television pundits went crazy.  The sky truly had fallen and the world as we knew it had come ot an end!

Today the stock market gained back more than 400 points, the sun shone again, and there is still no $700 billion bailout.  Meanwhile, back at the House:

Today we have the absurdity of former Goldman Sachs CEO, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, with the urging of former Goldman Sachs CEO, Clinton Administration Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin, and former Goldman Sachs CEO, former New Jersey Senator, now New Jersey Governor, John Corzine, former CEO of Goldman and head of the World Bank, Steve Friedman, former Goldman CEO John Whitehead, and former Goldman alum White House Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, urging the Federal government to write a check for $700 billion in order to secure financial stability for Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs.

Hang in there, Chicken Little.  We may just survive this yet, if the politicians will keep on getting nothing accomplished.  I don’t have much faith in that happening, though.  They always think they have to “do something,” even if that something means socializing the nation’s economic system.

Unrelated, I found a good video on my favorite PUMA website today.  I can’t get it to embed so you will have to follow the link – it is only a 30 second spot. Would you buy a used car from this man?

In the real world, happy birthday to two of my favorite grandchildren, one turning nine today and the other eleven.

I spent a few more hours cleaning up downed limbs in the park this morning, attended a county-wide township dinner this evening, and fought a headache all day. 

The headache is winning.  Bummer.


One Response to “News Flash! Chicken Little Still Okay”

  1. FoodyMom said

    Happy birthday, kiddos! At least there is SOME good news these days 🙂

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