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FEMA – 1, Local Government – 0

Posted by Nancy on November 8, 2008

My weekend is going to be a lot less stressful than I had anticipated.  That would be because yesterday I mmade a reality chick and admitted there is no way I can get this FEMA grant done in time for Monday’s deadline.

I made that decision after spending Friday morning working on it and trying to get someone, anyone, at EMA headquarters for the state to answer a phone call.  You see, I still had questions.  Lots of questions.  And no one answered their hone.  And no one returned a call.  And I had to sit there and look at all the things I didn’t know and decide I can only beat my head against this wall for so long before I knock myself unconscious.

In the grand scheme of FEME things I cam not trying to procure alot of money – maybe $125,000.  But my gosh, this poor guy’s house gets flooded lamost every year.  Doesn’t that count for something?  I can’t figure a way around the fact he doesn’t show up in their flood plain, which doesn’t have a certified base level but doesn’t stop them for using it as Gospel.  Maybe there is a way, but until someone answers their phones and my questions I will never know.

So, I packed it all up and gave up.  What a discouraging feeling.

Meanwhile, the township’s fiscal officer is wading htrough paperwork to try and recoup about $50,000 in expenses to the township from the windstorm in September.  Her stack of paper is as thick as mine, but then I had a 40 page online application to deal using my stack of documentation and she “just” has to fill out the paperwork hiding among hers.  I ffel her pain.

FEMA is a four letter word to both of us.


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