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Thanksgiving Message from an American Patriot

Posted by Nancy on November 26, 2008

Common Sense.


One Response to “Thanksgiving Message from an American Patriot”

  1. MoniQue said


    Demand Obama prove US born citizenship!

    It is our duty as American citizens to oversee our constitution, remember we do not have an emperor or a king, we have a democratic republic: for the people and BY THE PEOPLE: WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

    Sign the petitions – DEMAND OBAMA PROVE HE’S A NATURAL U.S. BORN CITIZEN gn-obama-petition/

    Chief Justice Clarence Thomas will hear the case next week PLEASE TYPE HIM A LETTER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION AT THAT LINK AND I WILL FAX IT TO HIM FOR YOU. (same letters at the site)

    Thank you Patriots!

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