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If You Want Some Stimulation Go To Dayton, Ohio

Posted by Nancy on December 18, 2008

Obama wants Congress to have a stimulus package ready for his signature on the day he takes office.  This would be the most expensive legislation in the history of the United States, and he wants it done within two weeks after the new Congress convenes.  They would have time to deliberate and digest the consequences of what they are doing when?

Foolish, foolish, foolish for the country, but certainly smart politics for someone intent on gathering power rather than tending to the long term viability of our democratic and capitalistic society.  What an opportunity this will present to purchase influence among special interests, including state politicians.

Though no stimulus bill has yet been drafted, Republicans are wary of some of the proposals put forward by groups that are talking to Obama’s transition team. They cite a report by the U.S. Conference of Mayors listing myriad projects cast as vehicles to create jobs and boost the economy. Those include a dog park in Hercules, Calif.; a bike path in San Diego; and a $1.5-million push to curb prostitution in Dayton, Ohio.  L.A. Times

Looks like three big recreation projects: two pro and one con.

Dayton, Ohio?  Do they really have that many prostitutes there?

Governors want their states’ budgets bailed out, with California standing at the head of the line.  California, with all their advantages and wealth producing industries, has three times the debt per capita as the national average.  Still, they are determined to continue living their affluent lifestyle and recently voted authorization to issue hundreds of millions in bonds for additional indebtedness.  They won’t vote to raise their taxes to pay for it, though, and now want less affluent, more fiscally responsible states to bail them out

I say, go see those prostitutes in Dayton, Ohio instead of trying to $¢#%! the American taxpayer.


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