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Hot Air, CO2, and Disgusting Emotional Ploys

Posted by Nancy on December 20, 2008

I posted a ridiculous animation about animals, global warming, and suicide yesterday.  The suicides were of the animal variety (extremely rare to unheard of in real life), which in cartoon land are apparently always accomplished by jumping of one variety or another.

Anyway, it was so ridiculous I was sure it was the most obnoxious piece of propagandistic excrement I would ever see on the subject.

I gave the radicals too much credit, as evidenced by today’s contribution from Greenpeace.

I remember the original Greenpeace as an organization with vision and purpose.  In my youth I felt it deserved respect; in my old age not so much.  In fact, the following garbage, aimed at children during the Christmas season, is so disgusting they no longer deserve any respect at all.

If you see this on your TV, call your local station and complain. Call the FCC and complain. Call Greenpeace and complain.  Call your elected representatives and complain. 

If someone wants to scientifically debate evidence of global warming I will be glad to watch – as long as both sides are given equal time and respect.  (And there are two sides – or three, or ten.  It isn’t settled science.  It is arrogat mankind believing they can explain the workings of the universe and control the uncontrollable.)  But to pitch emotional blackmail at children is obscene.

As opponents of the theory of anthropogenic global warming gain more support, advocates of the theory turn increasingly to emotional manipulation and bold attempts to get laws in place before the hoax is completely unwound.  Laws that will hobble our economy and have deleterious effects on our country.

 Shame on them, whether they are true believers or hypocritcal opportunists wanting to take advantage of the public’s gullibility.


2 Responses to “Hot Air, CO2, and Disgusting Emotional Ploys”

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  2. G & K said

    I agree with Gore, the debate is over and this whole global warming, climate change, climate crisis hullabaloo is simply a way for the government to increase taxes and gain even more control over us. Not to mention making people like Gore even richer. Here’s a recent interesting post:

    As for the ridiculous commercials; they don’t really surprise me. It’s typical of groups that can’t win a debate on the facts. They play on your emotions and one of their favorite tactics is to try to brainwash our youth, because they know that’s the most effective use of their funds. Being a hunter, fisherman and overall outdoor enthusiast, I’ve been very familiar with this type of technique for years. PETA is a prime example of a group who plays on the public’s emotions and targets children. Here’s a couple examples of PETA’s tactics:

    As with the global warming alarmists, they know if they can indoctrinate a whole generation of impressionable children, their job will be much easier in the future.
    What has amazed me is the large percentage of adults (at least in surveys) who buy into global warming. I’m hoping it’s just a fad like pet rocks and will die out before it starts costing us a lot of money. Remember to stock up on incandescent bulbs. The 100-watt will be gone in 2012 and the last one to be banned is the 40-watt in 2014. The same libs who claim to be the defenders of U.S. workers and the environment support banning my incandescent bulbs made in the U.S. and force me to buy expensive, mercury-containing CFLs made in China. I’m confused.

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