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Question For The Day

Posted by E. on December 30, 2008

If you were Roland Burris, would you really want Gov. Rod Blagojevich to appoint you to Obama’s vacated Senate seat.


Especially knowing that the Senate Democratic Caucus insisted Blagojevich step down and, under no circumstances, make a Senate appointment?

I wonder what Mr. Burris is thinking right now?  If there were any sanity left in American politics my money would be on, “Not no, but hell no!”

But I don’t think there is any sanity left in American politics.


2 Responses to “Question For The Day”

  1. Nancy said

    Supposedly Roland Burris is squeaky clean (is that possible in Illinois politics?), and African American on top of it. Commentators are saying that will put Harry Reid and the Senate Democratic caucus in a bind, irritating part of their base if they refuse to seat him. At the same time it will take some of the heat off Blago, since now there is no hurry to get him impeached before he nominates someone for that seat.

    Hard to keep a corrupt politician on the defensive in Illinois.

  2. Dianna said

    Just so you know… I thought the exact same thing. WHY on earth would he even accept the appointment?

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