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Confidential To The Media: The Election Is Over

Posted by necessarygrace on January 1, 2009

I think it’s time someone broke it to the media that the election is over and their guy won. You would think this would be obvious, what with all the “commemorative” items for sale (“Commemorating” what exactly? The man has done exactly NOTHING thus far, other than winning an election against the oldest, most liberal republican to ever run for office, during a massive economic downturn which always favors a democrat.) And yet, there I sat, quietly enjoying my New Year’s Eve countdown when out of nowhere, WHAM! I’m hit with another pile of HOPE AND CHANGE. This time it came from Ryan Seacrest (or was it Carson Daly? I honestly don’t remember now) in the form of effusive joy about the New Year. “This is a year of Hope and Change!” he predicted.

I wonder, could he even define what the heck that means? Seriously, what is HE Hoping for? And what are the chances it’s the same thing I’M Hoping for? And what kind of Change, exactly? ‘Cause from where I’m standing it looks like we are quickly Changing from a Democracy to a Communist Socialist republic. And that was not the Change I was Hoping for.

But here’s the thing … when anyone utters the words “Hope and Change” we all think of one person: Barack Obama. Apparently it was the ultimate slogan, proving Mr. Obama to be a genius among men. (Or, uh, one of many geniuses, since it’s not exactly a new slogan.) And it worked. For better or worse, Mr. HopeAndChange is our President. So I’m thinking, it’s not really necessary to keep campaigning, y’know?

Personally, I Hope the media wakes up to this reality rather soon and that journalists will start doing their job for a Change and actually report the news with objectivity and facts rather than slogans and fawning breathless praise. Otherwise, they might find themselves Hoping I don’t Change the channel… or even better, turn the TV off altogether.


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