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A Trillion Dollars Worth Of Kumbaya

Posted by necessarygrace on January 6, 2009

It was only a few months ago that the financial walls came tumbling down and the Whitehouse pushed a massive bailout plan through congress in record time. Said bailout plan was supposedly the only thing standing between America and the Next Great Depression. When it did not in fact prove to be an instant miracle cure, Secretary Paulson decided to completely change the terms of the bailout – a key provision in the bailout bill gave him carte blanche to do whatever he pleased with America’s money. And yet, still no instant cure. Just billions more in national debt.

Cue the Savior-Elect, President HopeAndChange:

President-elect Barack Obama laid his huge economic stimulus plan before Congress on Monday and received warm support from Republicans on his first full day of work in Washington.” (Washington Times, 1/6/09)

Wait, hold on a second, did I just read that right? The huge plan “received warm support from Republicans” ?

How quickly they forget. How easily their support can be bought.

Obama has included a “tax cut package” – but this is no conservative tax plan, not by a long stretch.

Suitably Flip makes the distinction in a post titled, “The $300 Billion Tax Cut That Isn’t”:

On the whole, these tax “cuts” represent significant expansion of government intervention and of wealth redistribution (which is something akin to the opposite of tax cuts).

And that 750 billion on the last bailout suddenly looks like a good deal – Obama’s plan starts at 800 billion and is already being predicted to go well over a trillion. That’s not the entire budget folks, that’s just the new “stimulus” package.

So I’m just wondering, did I miss something here? Aren’t the Republicans supposed to be the opposition party? Isn’t the idea of the two-party system to provide a little balance? I’ve heard of a “honeymoon” period for the new president but this is ridiculous. Now is not the time to ram through the largest spending plan in history all for the sake of “bipartisanship.” (You can bet the Democrats would not be so agreeable, were it President-elect McCain we were talking about.) How about showing a little spine? How about remembering those who elected you – and the conservative ideals you espoused. You may not win this round and the press would certainly try to make you the villain, but let’s face it, that’s going to happen regardless. I say if you’re going down, you at least ought to go down fighting. Republicans, don’t your constituents deserve that much?


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